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    6 Things You May Be Getting Wrong in the Shower

    A good beautifying routine starts with bathing. And since you’ve been taking showers all your life, you probably think that there is nothing else that you can learn, right? In fact, you may have been doing one or more of the following things wrong your entire life – you just didn’t know it. Now is the time to change! Shower mistakes can lead you skin to becoming dry and scaly, leading you to overcompensate with too much moisturizer and lotion. So, let’s get started in washing your shower errors down the drain.

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    6 Health Benefits of a Warm Shower for Women

    warm shower essentials

    Taking a shower has many proven benefits to our bodies. This activity not only cleanses us but also helps relieve stress and so much more.

    However, the benefits of taking a shower vary depending on the temperature of your water. Are you a cold shower type of person? Or do you prefer increasing the water temperature a little bit to enjoy a warm shower? Read more