6 Things You May Be Getting Wrong in the Shower

A good beautifying routine starts with bathing. And since you’ve been taking showers all your life, you probably think that there is nothing else that you can learn, right? In fact, you may have been doing one or more of the following things wrong your entire life – you just didn’t know it. Now is the time to change! Shower mistakes can lead you skin to becoming dry and scaly, leading you to overcompensate with too much moisturizer and lotion. So, let’s get started in washing your shower errors down the drain.

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You Are Taking Long and Hot Showers

During the winter months in particular, you may be tempted to warm up with a long, hot shower. However, this simply isn’t good for your skin. In fact, the higher the temperature of your shower, the more likely it is that you will strip your skin of its natural oils. If you have a common condition like eczema, it is likely to exacerbate this issue. For healthier skin, you should keep your showers warm and the temperatures warm or tepid. However, you don’t want to go as far as making your shower completely cold as this doesn’t provide any additional benefits.

You Are Using Lathering Too Much in the Shower

The more bubbles you create with your shower gel or soap, the more you will strip your skin of its natural oils. In fact, if you find that you are suffering from dry skin, the type of soap that you are using should be one of the first things that you pay attention to. Simply switching to a gentler cleanser can make all the difference. If you are worried about fragrance, you could check out some wholesale fragrance oils to add some scents to your bath or shower. But don’t assume that the more your lather, the cleaner you are going to get as this is a quick route to dry skin.

You Are Not Rinsing All the Soap Off Your Body

If you step out of the shower and find that you are still covered in bubbles, the normal thing to do is simply wipe it off with a towel. However, you should avoid doing this as you are going to end up causing skin irritation and dryness. Harsh cleaners are problematic due to the chemicals and fragrance left in these soaps. Gentler cleaners tend to be the better choice as they contain additional substances to help restore moisture to the skin.

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You Apply a Deep Pore Facial Mask After Showering

When you are in the shower, your probably want to cleanse your face as deeply as possible. And to top this off, you may want to apply a face mask straight afterwards. However, contrary to what you may have thought, masks should be applied BEFORE you wash your face. If you apply it straight after you have showered or washed your face, this can be very drying for many types of skin. Anything that you apply straight after a shower will be rapidly absorbed by your skin as you immediately open up your pores. The most important after-shower products that you need to apply are hydrating and occlusive to seal moisture into your skin.

You Are Rough-Drying with a Towel

When you first feel that blast of cold air when you step out of the shower; the first thing that you will probably want to do is reach for a towel. However, the technique that you use to dry off is just as important as how you are bathing in the first place. To prevent your skin from getting too dry; you should pat yourself dry rather than rubbing the towel all over yourself. And if you are using a towel which is too rough on the skin; try switching to one which is a little softer and kinder.

You Are Not Applying a Moisturizer Quick Enough

As we already talked about earlier in the article; you need to think carefully about what you are applying when you step out of the shower. Water tends to evaporate very quickly, leaving the skin very dry. So, apply a lotion or cream moisturizer – particularly to any areas which tend towards dryness.

So, if you have identified that you are guilty of committing one or more of the following shower sins; now is the time to do something about it. Hopefully, the advice in this article has provided a good starting point that you can work from.


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    I probably follow most of these without even meaning too. I definitely am going to try to change my routine in order to take care of my body and skin. Great post with great tips xx

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