Four Easy Beauty Tips For Summer


Summer is easily the best time of year; the days are longer, the weather is better and it’s finally vacation time! If you’re a beauty fan though, it can be tricky; the heat can cause the foundation to slide off, eyeliner to smudge and mascara to run before lunchtime – and who wants to spend hours under the hairdryer when the temperature outside is 85 degrees?

It can be tempting to reach for so-called ‘miracle’ products which guarantee to fix all of your summer make-up woes, but unless you can find any related information from beauty consumer research, there’s no guaranteeing they’ll actually work – don’t panic though, we’ve got four top tips to help you stay looking on-point this summer.

Switch To A Lighter Foundation

The best thing about summer is that the dewy look is in – so ditch the heavy foundation and powder, and switch to something much lighter; a tinted moisturizer is great if you still need some coverage, and unlike foundation, it won’t appear ‘cakey’ or melt straight off of your face. Choose one with an SPF for added protection, and make sure you pick a shade that’s darker than your winter one to blend in beautifully.

Ditch The Hairdryer

The soaring temperature outside is a great excuse to avoid using heat and go natural instead; your locks will thank you for the break, and you’ll probably notice an improvement in the condition of your hair. If you’re not lucky enough to have hair that dries perfectly by itself, invest in a couple of products that will help you out; a specialized anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner will fight the effects of humidity, while a salt-spray will help you to create beautiful beauty waves with no fuss. If all that fails, embrace the boho look and add a floppy hat or a wrap – these are particularly useful for those days by the pool.

Fake That Tropical Glow

Everyone wants to look gorgeously sun-kissed in the summer, but we all know the damage caused by sunbathing and sunbeds – forget baking yourself outside and instead, up the SPF and fake that golden glow with self-tanner, highlighting products and a touch of bronzer. There are so many self-tanning products which promise to make you look like a bronzed Goddess, but unless they’ve been tested by beauty consumer focus groups, there’s no guaranteeing you won’t accidentally end up an alarming shade of orange – make sure you do plenty of beauty product research before you part with your cash.

Consider Semi-Permanent Options

Aside from the fact that the heat can cause your make-up to run, who wants to spend hours in front of the mirror applying eyeliner, when the weather outside is so beautiful? One of the best ways to get around beauty problems in the summer is to ditch your usual products and go for semi-permanent options; eyelash extensions are a great alternative to mascara, and can last for several weeks – so they’re ideal for vacation time as well as day-to-day life. There’s also the option to have eyebrows and eyeliner gently tattooed on – don’t panic, though, these are nowhere near as permanent as a normal tattoo!


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  • Viva Glow

    I’d also recommend wearing a lighter moisturizer. Thick moisturizers might not hold well with the heat. I adore floppy hats, too! Thanks for this cute article!

    August 16, 2019 at 10:25 am Reply
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