The Festival Accessories That Will Get You Noticed

Spring is here, and so are the first of the year’s biggest and best festivals; which means that, if you want to wow at Coachella or show off your style at the New Orleans Jazz Festival, now is the time to start planning your outfits. Of course, we all know that the best part about any outfit – the part that makes it truly stand out from the rest – is the accessories.

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Splashing a few dollars on new accessories is the best way to get ready for any festival. So,  whether you’re going for bohemian chic or a rock chick vibe; here are some of the best festival accessories to splurge on this spring.


Do you ever see anyone really cool at a Coachella without their trusty oversized sunglasses? I don’t think so. Investing in a pair of Ray-Bans will ensure that you look cool, calm and collected in any setting and shade your delicate eyes from the sun when you’re hungover; which is why they are the number one must-have festival accessory.

A Stack of Rings

Wearing a whole stack of rings on the same finger is an easy way to achieve a boho chic look that will stand out. Mix and match rose gold, yellow, gold silver and bronze for a unique look that will ensure that even your hands are able to turn heads. 

A Huge Rock

Of course, if you want to truly stop the show; wearing a huge rock on your finger is sure to get you noticed – in almost any setting. A unique trend that’s popular in certain circles right now is to buy and wear diamond engagement rings, even if you aren’t betrothed. It’s not for everyone, and if you don’t want to risk losing a really expensive piece of jewelry it might not be practical, but wearing a diamond will make any outfit look at least ten times classier; even if you’re covered in dirt and haven’t showered for three days.

A Statement Headpiece

If you’re female and you’re heading to a festival; you are going to want to pack at least one headpiece to make the most of your hair. Of course, flower crowns are starting to be a bit cliche now, and at least every other girl you meet will be wearing one, so you’re going to have to pull out all the stops if you want to get noticed. Perhaps a feather crown or crystal tiara would do the trick and ensure all eyes are on you even when the band is playing!

Gumboots for Festival

If you’re going to a spring festival; there is a good chance that you might get caught up in some wet weather, depending on your location. Which is why you shouldn’t head off without a perfect pair of patterned gumboots in your bag. If you’re a rock chic; a skull and roses pattern is always good, quirky girls can never fail to impress with animal prints, and well. I’m sure you can find something you’ll like!

What are your most important festival must-haves?

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