The Ultimate Girls Night Out! Cool Ideas For Your Bachelorette Party

How do you feel about bachelorette parties – are you having one? Maybe after all of the wedding planning, you’re exhausted and want to keep it to something simple. On the other hand, you might see this as an opportunity to let loose and celebrate since at this point most of the wedding details have been finalized! Either way, there are plenty of cool things you could consider doing regardless of your personality, budget or time constraints. Here are a few ideas to think about!
bachelorette party

Zen Party

Not really a party girl? Then instead of a traditional ‘hen party’ how about a ‘zen party?’ The perfect chance to relax and pamper yourself before your big day- it includes things like meditation, spa treatments and healthy food and drink. If you’re expecting a baby or just want something a little more relaxing, something like this would be the perfect option. Maybe you’re hoping to get in shape before the big day and so a wild night of booze and food is off the cards. Either way, it’s an alternative option and will suit some brides-to-be to a tee.


If you’re after something active with a lot of fun and competition thrown in, how about paintballing? It might be associated more with stag/ bachelor parties but is becoming more and more popular with the ladies in recent years. You’ll burn plenty of calories running around in the process (great for shaping up before your wedding day) but have so much fun it won’t feel like exercise! Another alternative is to find a company offering inflatable games. Giant bouncy castles, bucking broncos, sumo suit games and so much more- sure to give you plenty of giggles.

Themed Party

Throwing a bachelorette party at home has a ton of great benefits. You can make it work regardless of your budget. There’s no queuing, finding taxis, walking from place to place in the cold or entry fees. Plus you can tailor the night to whatever you want it to be. A themed party could be a fun idea, ask guests to wear fancy dress and decorate according to the theme. It could be anything from burlesque to cheerleaders to superheroes- choose whatever you think your guests will love!

Male Strip Show

Strippers might be something you associate with bachelor parties, but for a night of fun and laughs a male strip show like could be a fun idea! If you want to get dressed up and go on an evening out but without it being a typical nightclub/ party this is a good choice.

Mini Break or Vacation

Do you want to make an occasion for your hen party and go all out? Maybe you want to celebrate with people who aren’t able to make the wedding or just want to let your hair down after months of stressful wedding planning. If you and your group have a larger budget why not consider something like this? You could jet off and go on a bachelorette weekend, a few days or a full week. It would make for an exciting girly holiday and could be the perfect send-off into married life!

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