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    Using Backdrops to Create Memories

    Backdrops play an important role in your photography. It stands out as a background that enhances the quality of a photo; instead of having a messy background the backdrop takes away all that. Backdrop comes in all sizes, patterns and colour. The key to great photography is to find a backdrop that does not create a chaotic image and will give you better shots. Read more

  • InHair

    Style It Out: Christmas Party Hair


    It doesn’t matter whether your festive work function is a couple of drinks down at the local drinking establishment, a full-blown three-course meal at a gourmet restaurant or a hired hall and a disco down the road, you still want to look your best. You’ve selected your dress, your little kitten heels are good to go, and you’ve decided on the palette for your makeup. Red, of course! Now, it’s time to decide how you’re going to wear your hair. You’re in the ultimate dilemma – up or down, wavy or straight, bangs or curls. Take a look at these ideas that will help you finalize your Christmas party look. Read more

  • InFashion

    The Festival Accessories That Will Get You Noticed

    Spring is here, and so are the first of the year’s biggest and best festivals; which means that, if you want to wow at Coachella or show off your style at the New Orleans Jazz Festival, now is the time to start planning your outfits. Of course, we all know that the best part about any outfit – the part that makes it truly stand out from the rest – is the accessories.

    festive accessories

    Image source: Flickr

    Splashing a few dollars on new accessories is the best way to get ready for any festival. So,  whether you’re going for bohemian chic or a rock chick vibe; here are some of the best festival accessories to splurge on this spring. Read more