Style It Out: Christmas Party Hair


It doesn’t matter whether your festive work function is a couple of drinks down at the local drinking establishment, a full-blown three-course meal at a gourmet restaurant or a hired hall and a disco down the road, you still want to look your best. You’ve selected your dress, your little kitten heels are good to go, and you’ve decided on the palette for your makeup. Red, of course! Now, it’s time to decide how you’re going to wear your hair. You’re in the ultimate dilemma – up or down, wavy or straight, bangs or curls. Take a look at these ideas that will help you finalize your Christmas party look.

Slicked Back

If you have a full-bodied barnet that can take the vamp-esque slicked back look, then why not try this dramatic style. Pulling your long locks back will naturally create vast amounts of volume. Worn wavy or straight, this hairstyle is the ultimate in simplicity. Once you’ve sorted out your do prior to the party, the chances are that with a decent hairspray, you won’t need to touch it again.

Deco Waves

Think Emma Stone at the 2017 Oscars, and you’re picturing the art deco style wavy hair. Creating a dramatic side parting and sweeping your mid-length hair to one direction and letting it fall naturally over your shoulder is the ultimate glamorous look. It looks effortless but requires a lot of skill to pull off such a simple creation.


We are not talking the sorts of pigtails and french plaits that you used to experiment with on your girlfriend’s hair when you were ten years old on the playground. A braided bun is a classic style that oozes chic and class. If you have thicker and longer locks, a bun is an ideal and neatest way to wear your hair up. The volume is tamed, and you can have a stunningly beautiful hairstyle at the same time.

Poker Straight

If you’re a bit sick of the natural kinks and waves that you have to endure with your hair on a daily basis, consider purchasing the best hair straightener that your budget will allow to tame your unruly mane and wear a poker straight style to your Christmas party. You’ll be the center of attention at the soiree as you’ve attempted a brand new look. With an argan oil serum; your frizziness will be maintained, and your sheen laden locks will elevate your festive party look.


For those of us who have less flowing locks; why not bring out your playful side with a tomboyish pixie crop. With a smattering of highlights, you can positively glow when venturing out onto the Christmas dancefloor. Easy to maintain and designed to show off your enviable cheekbones and jawline, a pixie crop is great for those of us blessed with petite figures.

The Christmas party is one of the highlights of your social calendar. Why not utilize one of these hairstyles and turn heads as you throw some shapes and have some festive fun.



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  • natasha

    Loved this post! I never know how to wear my hair! I might try one of these now! thank you!

    December 3, 2018 at 1:22 pm Reply
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