Christmas Gift Guide For Partners


Christmas is a time for giving, and one of the most fun parts of the festive season is seeing the ones you love to open their gifts on Christmas morning and watching their happy reactions. However, sometimes it can be a challenge to find the perfect gift amongst a sea of choice in the stores.

Perhaps the most important person, aside from the kids, to buy for during the Christmas period is your other half. They are the ones who are with us every single day, support us and love us unconditionally- and that is the reason we should use Christmas to show them how much they mean to us.

For Him

Men seem to be notoriously difficult to buy for at any time of the year, but Christmas especially. It might take you along a time to figure out what to buy for your boyfriend or husband, so in the meantime, we’ve got some helpful ideas for you!


Boys and their toys, eh? Men love to play around with new things, and the term gadget could be used to describe a range of different things. You could go classic with a games console or a DVD player; get smart in the kitchen with electric hand blenders and slow cookers; or go for something more unique like an R2D2 coffee press. Anything goes and you know that your man will be entertained for the afternoon as you enjoy your own gifts.

Games and DVDs

If there are any new games out on his favourite console or a film he has wanted to see all year- now is the perfect time to buy it for him. Most of the time on Black Friday websites such as amazon will heavily discount games, so if you are thinking of going down that route- wait until black Friday first before you buy anything. You could even go for retro classics like his favourite comedies from back in the day or a TV series you used to both watched growing up. You can both enjoy this gift and you know he will love anything you can give to him.


The way to a man’s and woman’s heart is their stomach. Who doesn’t love food? The great thing about the festive season is that there is never any shortage of sweet treats and other goodies you can buy for your other half. You could go down the route of chocolate with a selection box- buy him a set of cheeses to eat in the evening, or even look for special food sets from companies such as Nando’s so he can get creative in the kitchen. There are so many choices when it comes to food and you could even take him on an experience day where he goes wine or beer tasting, or has a tour around a cheese factory. It’s totally up to you and your man. You can never go wrong with food.

Funny Stocking Fillers

If in doubt, add something a little more fun to your partners stocking to make him laugh on Christmas morning. There are so many different novelty gifts you can buy- from t-shirts, to mugs, funny slippers and even novelty underwear if you want to have a laugh!

Christmas is about fun spirit and being able to laugh at yourselves no matter what the situation, and gifting your man the most garish, scary Christmas jumper in the world can only lighten everyone’s moods.


For Her


Every woman loves a good bra or lingerie set to make them feel sexy and confident, so why not surprise her with a set that you love and you can both enjoy it on Christmas day. Visit 3WISHES.COM and you will be able to choose from loads of styles and colours- just make sure you check her sizes and the style she likes to wear before you order anything!


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But you don’t have to get diamonds if you don’t want to, you could go for a range of different materials and gemstones. The choices are endless really, and you can never go wrong with something a bit shiny! Girls are like magpies, we love anything with a bit of sparkle.


If you feel brave enough to delve into the realm of makeup for your girlfriend or wife this Christmas- you will want to make sure that you check what shades she wears and the brands she prefers to use before you go off and buy loads of items. A lot of the time women will choose a certain brand because of the quality, the ingredients and the type of look they are going for. You will probably want to avoid buying things like foundation and concealer- however, a great idea would be an eyeshadow palette or some nail polishes.


If you know your woman, you’ll most likely know what kind of scent suits her. Perfume is subjective, everyone smells it slightly differently- but if you know the brand your partner likes, you will likely be able to find a great choice among the products. Stick to scents which aren’t too overpowering and have a bit of a balance of fruity and flowery notes.


There’s nothing we love better than to sit down at the end of a cold day in some cozy pajamas, light some candles and drink a warming mug of cocoa. Use this to your advantage and buy your girlfriend or wife some fluffy socks or slippers to keep her feet warm, some cute pajamas that she can enjoy wearing in the evening, and then look for the scented candles. Yankee Candle always have a great range of festive scents such as cinnamon, apple and gingerbread- so take advantage and let her make the whole house smell of Christmas.


For Both of You

New TV

If you have recently moved into your first home together, a great idea for Christmas would be to put your money together and put it towards something you both need or want for your new place. Items such as a large TV or a new sofa are not things you would think to buy during the rest of the year, however; at Christmas, you can take advantage of Black Friday deals and band together to get something you both genuinely want and will use. It will save you spending money on things you don’t need as you start out and get used to your bills and mortgage payments each month. You could even look to buy yourselves something like a new oven and enjoy cooking Christmas dinner together in your new gift on the day. There’s no rule to say Christmas can’t be practical, and If you can’t afford to be spending your money on little things, then don’t.


When was the last time that you both got away from the stresses of your daily lives and took a few days together, alone? Many of us live such busy lives and juggle work, kids and social lives- and forget to take time to relax together. Take some time this Christmas to remember why you love each other and the things you used to do when you first got together. Booking a spur of the moment holiday for the weekend could be exactly what you both need this Christmas. Find somewhere secluded away from the real world and take that time to get to know each other all over again.


If you love animals and you finally have a home of your own to share together- you may want to think about getting a pet. It is a huge life decision and it will most likely be something you have talked about in passing for months and months; buy actually going out and buying your new family member can be the most nerve-wracking and exciting thing in the world. If you don’t mind what age the animal is, you may want to consider adoption as it will rescue an animal in dire need of a new forever home. You could even surprise your kids or other family members by letting them unwrap a dog bowl, some treats, a lead… and then open the box with the pet inside. Of course, make sure you only keep the pet in the box for 10 minutes or so- and leave holes in the back so it can breathe. It will be the most wonderful gift for your whole family and it will change your lives.

Experience Days

If you both love adventure or you’ve got something that you have always wanted to try together- you can book an experience day for the new year together. You could go wine tasting, cooking, fly wild birds of prey, be a zookeeper for the day… the possibilities are endless. It means that you will both be able to enjoy a day doing something you love and you’ll always have that lasting memory to take with you for years to come. It’s unique and fun for everyone.


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