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It is that time of the year when we go shopping for stocking stuffers and the perfect gifts for our friends and family to share this Christmas. These tech gifts are worth a splurge as you can customize to your liking and they are perfect accessories for cleaning and on-the-go.

Butterfly Dream Smart Charge Power Charge

If you know someone who is always on their phone and always looking for an extra charge on the go; then this portable charger would fit right for them. The portable charger is small, portable and unique. It can be easily slipped into your purse, pockets and/or backpack. It is great for any traveler. It is a convenient charger that can be used at any time and anywhere. For a discrete charge simply leave your phone plugged into the device and store it away in a bag or drawer.

gadget, smart device, tech

Butterfly Dream Stress Ball & Screen Cleaner

Always working finding an easy way to relieve the stress while sitting at your desk. This Toddy Gear stress ball has a unique design, perfect feeling between the hands and comfortable grip.

Toddy Tie, smart device, gadget

Daisy Toddy Tie

Stumbling over cords? Tied up and having to unravel? With this Daisy Toddy Tie, it keeps your USB cord/charger knot free.

Pitter Patter 360° Universal Car Mount

Talking on the phone while lounging in your car becomes easier with this 360° Universal Car Mount

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Disclaimer: Sponsored post courtesy of Toddy Gear


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