Using Backdrops to Create Memories

Backdrops play an important role in your photography. It stands out as a background that enhances the quality of a photo; instead of having a messy background the backdrop takes away all that. Backdrop comes in all sizes, patterns and colour. The key to great photography is to find a backdrop that does not create a chaotic image and will give you better shots.

Reasons to Use Backdrop

  • Wide selection (size, style, color etc.)
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Perfect display for taking images
  • Can be used at functions such as graduation, birthday, wedding ceremonies etc.

How to Avoid Taking Images with the Wrong Backdrop?

  • Select a backdrop that fits the occasion, you don’t want a backdrop that is clashing
  • Consider the type and layout of your backdrop
  • If you want the subject to stand out in the image consider solid colours such as black

When to use a backdrop

If you intend to hire a photographer for your event then you might want to consider using a backdrop. Decide the type of backdrop you want for pictures be taken. This can be customized to your liking whether you are looking for photography backdrop in solid colours, artistic background, floral, wooden and much more.

Here are some of my favorite backdrop selections:

Graduation scenery

congratulations graduates backdrop

Show appreciation to your graduates by inviting them and their families to take pictures of their special moments. A moment that should be treasured due to hard work and determination.

Wedding scenery

watercolors wedding backdrop

Whether it is spring, summer or winter a wedding backdrop is there to create the season for you. Save the memories of your commitment and share it with friends with love. This can also be customized to your liking by adding Mr. and Mrs. whatever your heart desires to make your big day special.


christmas backdrop

Create great memories this Christmas season by taking pictures with your family and friends. Christmas is only once per year but it’s different each time, therefore; you should capture the great moments while it last. If you’re not good a decorating get Christmas backdrops instead and keep the season alive.


wooden floor backdrop newborn photography ideas

Wood Floor backdrop is great for flat lays, celebrating the birth of your newborn and special occasion such as birthdays. Wood backdrops are suitable for creating great memories.

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