The Greatest Rallies in the World

For true car and motorcycle lovers there is nothing like a ride along the open road. Fueled by the open air, energized by the engine rumbling, and mesmerized by a changing terrain, drivers and riders speed up in a shared rally experience. The passion unites friends and families creating a mobile lifestyle. Dedicated drivers travel far and wide to demonstrate their pride, passion, and joy and share it with the peers from all over the country or from around the world. Rallies draw more and more enthusiasts every year to partake or to cheer up and support. Diverse landscapes from deserts to the rocky road across the continents don’t stop the die-hards. USA, South America, and Eurasia host some of the greatest rallies of all times. Join one of them as a participant or an engaged viewer and feel the thunder rolling in your chest.

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Lone Star Rally

The coolest motorcycle rally in Texas with high-skills showcases over the weekend-long festival in Galveston. The roaring engines in the town proclaim the start of the motorcycle show known as the largest motorcycle rally in the US and all of North America. Around 400,000 motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the United States gather in Galveston to enjoy the spirit. The epicenter of the Lone Star Rally is The Strand where thousands of custom-painted bikes and their riders with aftermarket accessories roar through the street in a thunderous parade. Bike shows, bike displays, and one-of-a-kind vendors will make your weekend unforgettable. The motorcycle rodeo and long-run rides awe the audience. Besides the rally itself, you can enjoy over 40 free concerts on two stages filled with classic rock, country, and blues music. You might also be lucky to meet some celebrities at the Lone Star Rally, just keep your eyes wide open.

Mongol Rally

Mongol Rally is probably the greatest motorized adventure on the planet organized by “The Adventurists.” This intercontinental rally starts in Europe and finishes in Ulan-Ude, Russia. Initially, the rally ended in Ulan Bator in Mongolia, but organizers moved the finish point to Russia to avoid punitive costs and taxes related to vehicle import and disposal. The primary launch is from the Goodwood Circuit in the UK with the other starting point in the Czech Republic. Then 10,000 miles (over 16,000 kilometers) of adventures lay ahead of the teams who will cross mountains, desert, and steppe landscapes in Europe and Asia. The is no set route and no support, so it’s only the teams of adventurists and their tiny 1000cc cars. Three main rules need to be respected: teams can drive only small cars of 1 liter or less engine, they are completely on their own without the support team, and each team needs to raise at least £1000 for charity. Their lives and their cars will never be the same again. On average, the completion rate is about 70%. The madness, the dirt, and the adventurous spirit drive about 300 starters every year. Would you dare to participate or rather support the racers online?

Dakar Rally

The Dakar (formerly known as the Paris-Dakar rally) is an annual cross-country rally. From its inception in 1978 until 2007, the participant started mostly in Paris, France and finished in Dakar, Senegal. Because of the security threats in Mauritania where most of the stages took place since 2009 the Dakar Rally has been running in South America. The route changes every year and usually crosses a few countries like Peru, Argentina, and Bolivia. The terrain is not for the faint-hearted across the dunes, camel grass, mud, and rocks, so participants typically use true off-road vehicles. Each of the stages varies in distance from a few hundred kilometers to about 800-900 kilometers per day. About 80% of the entries are amateur teams. The four competitive groups of the Dakar Rally are the motorcycle class, the car class (from buggies to SUVs), and truck class, and the quads. This is a perfect opportunity for the vehicle manufacturers to test the ground and to demonstrate the durability of their vehicles (well, often they are modified for the rally raid).


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