DIY: How to Make Homemade Air Fresheners

Do you love to keep your home smelling fresh and sweet, but tired of watching candles because you can’t leave it burning or using electricity on plugins and oil warmers? Replacing air fresheners on a regular basis can be quiet expensive and once candles are blown out the scent becomes lost in the air. Follow this tutorial to create your homemade air fresheners.

Homemade Air fresheners

Source: Midwest Fragrance Company

Things you will need


sidewalk chalk

a.) Baking soda
b.) Non-toxic sidewalk chalk (optional)
c.) Fragrance or Essential oil (of choice)
d.) Containers
e.) Grater
f.) Aluminum foil/napkin


1. Grate the chalk on the napkin; the ingredients measurement is based on the size of the container (no specific measurement necessary)
2. Mix the grated chalk until the color blends completely
3. Add drops of the fragrance oil to the mixture
4. Stir in the baking soda, it will form wet balls but continue to stir and press out the balls until it is blended with the baking soda.
5. You can use a cheese/pepper shaker container that has tiny holes to release the scent to place the ingredients.salt shaker

6. You can also make a paper funnel to pour the ingredients into the containers.
7. Do not fill the containers completely,  so that when the scent fades you can add more drops of fragrance oil to the mixture and it will be much easier to shake or stir.


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