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    The PMS Package Review

    The PMS package

    The PMS Package is filled with goodies for the feminine. I think of it as a special box curated to help with our special time of the month. Monthly periods are no joke; they are like our worse days as they come with a headache, bloating, menstrual cramps and much more. The PMS box is curated with goodies to deal with feminine care, cravings and pamper ladies during their menses. I enjoy eating a bag of chocolate through my special moment. What about you? Read more

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    DIY: How to Make Homemade Air Fresheners

    Do you love to keep your home smelling fresh and sweet, but tired of watching candles because you can’t leave it burning or using electricity on plugins and oil warmers? Replacing air fresheners on a regular basis can be quiet expensive and once candles are blown out the scent becomes lost in the air. Follow this tutorial to create your homemade air fresheners.

    Homemade Air fresheners

    Source: Midwest Fragrance Company

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