Can Compression Gear Enhance your Workout?

If you look at the top women athletes in the US, from Serena Williams to Allyson Felix, many of them are fans of compression wear clothing when competing or training. On the back of this, it seems everyone is going crazy for compression wear now. But is this just a cool-looking accessory or can it really add some oomph to your workout?

compression gear

What is compression gear?

Put simply, compression gear is clothing that you wear underneath your usual workout kit. It can be tops, leggings or socks – it all depends on which area of our body you think will benefit from it.

Many people will wear it during a workout to protect their body – you will also love how it stops you getting stiff the next day too. That is really the main function of this gear – it holds your muscles in place by gentle compression while also improving the blood flow to them. If you need more information then check out the complete guide to compression garments on the web.

Can you use compression gear with an injury?

Imagine that you are training to run a marathon and two weeks before the race you strain your calf muscle. Ouch! You might consider using compression gear to get back out there but wonder if it is safe to do so while injured? The answer to this is that it is, for injuries of that nature. Of course, anything more serious would need medical attention and in all probability total rest. But for small strains or pulls, compression wear is ideal as it will help the injury heal quicker.

Let compression gear supercharge your workout

If you like the idea of tapping into your inner superwoman while you work-out, then this is how compression wear will help:

  • Forget about DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness is something you will hate if you get it after working out. It usually pops up the next day when you are needing to make a run for the bus. Compression wear reduces the ache you feel after exercising to leave you able to move with complete freedom.
  • Reduced swelling – let’s face it, swollen legs are not a look you want to be rocking! Compression wear helps to reduce swelling after exercise due to the increased blood flow it allows to your muscles and tendons.
  • Extra support – when you wear a piece of compression clothing during your workout, it gives superb support to the joints and muscles. That reduces any instability when you exercise and allows for better performance. It also helps to avoid injury by holding them firmly where they should be.
  • Less fatigue – many pro athletes wear compression gear for the increased performance it brings. The equipment will reduce the fatigue your body feels when working out which allows you to go harder for longer.

Look good while working out

Compression gear has many features that make it great for enhancing your workout as you can see above. One thing we haven’t mentioned though is that they look so darn cool! If you rock a compression top or socks when working out you are sending out a clear signal that you take your workout seriously and want to look good while you’re doing it.


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