Getting The Engagement Ring You Really Want

Having your partner choose your engagement ring is a big leap of faith. If you’re the sort of person who knows what you like, or you have a particular idea in your head of what you want your engagement ring to be, it can be disappointing when they get it wrong. An engagement ring is a big investment after all, and if you’re planning on wearing it for the rest of your life – it should be what you want.

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Getting the engagement ring you really want not only benefits you; but your partner too – who will probably be much happier and less-stressed knowing you’re getting what you want. It’s a delicate issue, but the following tips could help you to get your dream engagement ring.

Pick the engagement ring together

This is probably the easiest way to solve your problems and will make sure that you truly get the ring of your dreams. The subject of marriage is unlikely to come from nowhere, so if you are talking about it gently suggest that you pick the ring together if he were ever to ask. This could take a weight off his mind; if he’s nervous about choosing the ring, and make it a special moment for the two of you. However, if you still want an element of surprise, you’re going to need to try a different approach.

Enlist a friend’s help

When it comes to picking your engagement ring; who better to communicate what you want than your best friend? If your partner is struggling with the decision, he’s likely to seek one of your friends for advice. Make sure they know exactly what you want should the occasion ever arise. You can even drop hints to your partner that they should seek help from your friend if they ever get stuck wanting to buy you a gift.

Talk to him about it

Marriage talk is something that can come up quite naturally in conversation, particularly if you’re witnessing an engagement on TV or a friend has just got engaged. Raise the subject of your ring with him in a casual way, “Well if you’re ever going to do it, I would like…”, which should send a strong hint his way. He’ll probably appreciate the nudge in the right direction; helping to narrow down the endless engagement ring possibilities he’d be faced with.

Leave some online hints

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to tell him what ring you want; you could always drop a few hints online. A carefully curated Pinterest board or a few bookmarked rings could help him out the next time he uses the computer. You could always leave the tabs open on some London Gold rings to give him some ideas the next time he logs on. Make sure you select a few price options as his budget could be very different to what you think it is!

With the ring sorted and your man primed and ready to pop the question; you can now think about the next steps! Wedding articles are a great source to find inspiration for all of your wedding planning, so get reading and start designing your dream wedding!


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