How to Clean Your Epilator in 5 Simple Steps

Epilators have definitely made our lives easy, the process of removing body hair has been made effortless with this device. However, when epilator does so much work, it requires cleaning often, it is very simple but must be done thoroughly to ensure proper hygiene.

Cleaning your device is very important for your body health. Never use any unclean epilator because you might get a skin infection.

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Let’s go through simple steps of cleaning your epilator.

1.     Separate the shaving head
In order to clean your epilator, you need the shaving head to be separated because it’s the main part that requires cleaning. Rest is just the batteries which don’t need cleaning.

Tip: You can also use the small cleaning brush that comes with the epilator in order to clean it as it is.

2.     You can use the compressed air
It is a great option when it comes to removing the hair that is stuck in the sides of the epilator. Air can access the hidden areas and ensure the total cleaning.

Tip: You can use your hair dryer for blowing air in the epilator head, in some hair dryers you can use the cold air as well. Use some cool air if you feel that warm air is making your hands uncomfortable.

3.     Run the head under water
This is the best way to thoroughly clean your epilator. Water removes all the hair stuck insides and insides the shaving head. A little warm water would be better. Please make sure that you are washing each side, not leaving anything by mistake.

4. Sanitize

This can be done via various methods. The most widely known is soaking the shaving head into alcohol. However, you can also use alcohol soaked cotton ball to clean the tweezers and blades of shaving head.

5.     Dry it

The best way to dry your device is by shaking the shaving head thoroughly so that the water inside can drip out. Use tissue paper or dry towel to soak the rest of the water. Keep the parts open until it is completely dried out. It mostly takes a day for epilator to be dried completely. Don’t use wet epilator because if it isn’t waterproof, batteries will be burned out.

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Cleaning the device is a very simple process and it doesn’t require a lot of effort, just make sure that you clean it regularly in order to get the best use of it. Epilator goes through a lot of trouble to provide perfectly glamorous skin, we owe at least regular cleaning to them. Just follow the simple steps given above and your device will be as good as new. Also, the feel of the fresh clean shave head is just amazing and the results are even better because a clean device will pluck out even smallest hair as they don’t have anything stuck in them and efficiency also improves. 


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