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Achieving The Dream Of Endless Self-Esteem

Everybody suffers from confidence issues to some extent, but it’s an especially tricky world for women to navigate. Even if you don’t feel criticized by your peers on your appearance, you most certainly criticize yourself for the way you look, act, and feel. It can be hard to project that stunning look or walk with an air of confidence when your own mind is throwing negative statements at you.


Achieving the dream of endless self-esteem seems like a pipe dream because positive thoughts about our appearances are often fleeting, at best. Yet, there are ways to combat this self-critical attitude. Here are some beauty and appearance tips that might reinvigorate your attitude to yourself.

Mastering the Art of Makeup

Make-up isn’t something you need if you’re not interested in it, but there’s no harm in having a little fun with colors and trying something new with your look. It’s a form of art, in a way, because you’re painting your face. Self-consciousness shouldn’t even come into the equation, as every new look is an experiment; if something doesn’t work then you can try again. Heaven knows that most women have tried a bad look at some point, but that’s all part of the learning experience. A few make-up tips that might help you avoid future disasters include wetting your lips before applying lipstick, to moisturize your lips, and accentuate your favorite facial aspects whilst concealing your least favorite.

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Mastering the Art of Fashion

This isn’t as much of an art as you might think. It’s not as if the majority of womankind has attended a school to learn the tricks and tips of good fashion; it’s just something you have to trust with your eye. Do a little browsing, and step out of your comfort zone. Check out some online shops for women’s clothes and be a little braver with your decisions. You’ve probably seen thousands upon thousands of outfits that you absolutely adored throughout your lifetime, but your mind didn’t trust your eye.

You might have thought in the past that you couldn’t pull off a particular outfit, so you settled for dresses, tops, and jeans that just didn’t appeal to your sense of fashion at all. Looking good in something is about having the confidence that you look good in something, so you need to start taking risks and believing that you can pull off those stunning dresses you see in a shop window.


Mastering the Art of Positive Motivation

Here’s where you’ve been going wrong with beauty, fashion, and other aspects of your appearance in the past: negativity has been your motivator. You’ve criticized yourself mercilessly and tried to force yourself to look or act a certain way, but this has only further damaged your self-esteem. Let healthy motivation rule your life. Exercise because you want to be healthier in your body and happier in your mind but not for shallow reasons. Put on make-up because you find it fun to try new looks but not because you hate your face. Positive motivation is key.


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