10 Side Effects of Hair Transplant

The side effect of hair transplant surgery varies from person to person and also from the hair transplant treatment technique being used along with the hair transplant treatment clinic. The chances of any major hair transplant side effect are very less if it is done from a reputed hair transplant center. Before undergoing a hair transplant surgery, it is important for a person to be aware of all the possible side effects of hair transplant. 

Below are the 10 most common side effects of hair transplant that you must know before you opt for hair transplantation surgery –
1.     Itching
2.     Bleeding
3.     Infection
4.     Swelling of the scalp
5.     Numbness on the scalp
6.     Hiccoughs
7.     Thinning of hair due to shock loss
8.     Scarring
9.     Cysts
10.   Hair Shedding

Side Effects of Hair Transplant

1.     Itching –
Itching is the most common side effect of hair transplant which is been experienced by a majority of people who undergo for hair transplant. Itching takes place due to the formation of the scabs at hair transplant site on the scalp. Keep in mind that – you should NEVER scratch or even touch the hair follicles at least for 3 days after hair transplant surgery. Your hair transplant surgeon will surely guide you and prescribe medicines to relax the itching. The itching will go away over a period of time.
2.     Bleeding –
When you undergo hair transplant surgery also at the best clinics, some cuts and nicks are bound to happen but do not get panic and afraid when you see blood as it is bound to happen. Hair transplantation surgeons will ensure that the surgery cuts which leads to bleeding are very minimal. It is very important to know about this side effect of hair transplant for a patient who is suffering from bleeding related problems and is taking blood thinning medicines.
3.     Infection –
If you have chosen a reputed hair transplant surgeon, then there are minor chances of any infections as the quality of equipment used are of high quality. Still, you can face some temporary minor infections. Your hair transplant surgeon will always prescribe antibiotics to fight the infections.
4.     Swelling of the scalp –
Swelling of the scalp is not a very serious hair transplant side effect, seen very common with people who have undergone hair transplantation process. Just after the hair transplantation surgery, you will see some swelling on your forehead, back part of your neck, sometimes on your scalp and in some rare cases also around your eyes. But you need not worry as this swelling will only last for a couple of days.
5.     Numbness on the scalp –
You will feel numbness during and just after the hair transplant surgery because of the local anesthesia injection been given so that you do not feel the itching and pain caused due to the needle while placing the hair follicles. But even after the anesthesia’s effect, you may feel some numbness on your forehead and scalp. This numbness will only prevail until several days.
6.     Hiccoughs –
You may find hiccoughs as a very strange side effect of hair transplant, but hiccups may occur during or after surgery and may continue thereafter in some cases. However, the cause for hiccoughs after a hair transplant is not yet confirmed. About 5-10% of people undergoing for hair transplant may face this.
7.     Thinning of hair due to shock loss –
Temporary thinning of hair and hair shedding happens due to shock loss. This happens when some hair follicles are not transplanted successfully. In many cases, the person’s scalp loses its shock of the hair and hence his hair starts shedding and in some cases, partial baldness occurs. You may also see a loss of up to 100 hair per day.

8.     Scarring –
You are bound to have micro scars after undergoing hair transplantation surgery. If you choose to undergo FUE technique of hair transplant then you will notice some dot-like micro scars and if you choose to undergo FUT technique of hair transplant then you will notice some linear scar. But you should not worry about these scars as these scares will only last long for a couple of weeks.
9.     Cysts –
You will notice 1-2 small cysts after the hair transplantation process. These cysts are just pimples or can be a cluster of pimples which is very normal and will disappear in few days of time if you take proper medication as recommended by your hair transplant surgeon.
10.    Hair Shedding –
You will definitely expect that your hair will grow and become denser after your hair transplant treatment but this is not the truth, the fact is, most of you will notice a hair fall just after the treatment for hair transplant. This is quite normal as only the hair falls with the root being totally intact in your scalp. After or maximum 3 weeks the hair will regrow in most of the cases but in some rare cases, there is shock loss in your hair follicles.

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  • Doctor For Me

    Hair Transplant does have several side effects but the chance of side effects are reduced by the experience of the Surgeons.

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  • Penelope Smith

    My older brother is starting to lose his hair. He has been thinking about trying hair transplants later this year. It is good to now that a side effect will be some swelling in his scalp. That is a good thing for him to be aware of beforehand.

    August 29, 2018 at 7:36 pm Reply
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