Clarisea SeaSalt Solutions Instant Glow Powder Exfoliant Review

The Clarisea SeaSalt Solutions Instant Glow Powder is 100% natural powder exfoliant that works to gently buff away impurities and dead skin cells with naturally nourishing ingredients which are used to reveal an even healthier and more vibrant layer of the skin. The natural astringent properties of the rose powder and orange peel powder helps to cleanse the skin. Almond flour brightens while powdered sea salt first, exfoliates, then clarifies and heels as it dissolves into skin.

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I first heard about this product through Ipsy. It was featured in the November 2014 glam bag but I was unlucky to not get it during that month. I got a hold of this product when Ipsy decided to use it as a bonus Ipsy points redeemable item. Luckily I had earned enough points in time to redeem for this product. And receive it in my May 2015 Glam Bag. I love using skin exfoliant, so I was not hesitant to try this product.

How to use Clarisea SeaSalt Solutions

The Clarisea SeaSalt Solutions Instant Glow Powder Exfoliant can be used alone or mixed with your favorite face wash or even in your own DIY projects. Wanting to see how this product worked without mixing anything other product along with it and just by using water. The first test was done by adding a pinch of the sea salt to the palm of my hands and mixing it with small droplets of water. Immediately, I started to scrub areas of my face that needed a great deal of exfoliating. After exfoliating the desired skin area I immediately rinsed with water. The product did not form a paste in my hand. It was more like tiny particles of salt mixed with water. It tasted a lot like salt, so you have to be very careful around the eye area when using this product or else it will burn your eyes.

I would recommend using this product on its own. Only if you have some rough areas on your skin that needs a great deal of exfoliating. The Sea salt particles feel a little harsh on this skin, even though it leaves a nice glowing look after using.

Clean & Clear Face Wash along with Clarisea SeaSalt

Clean & Clear Face Wash along with Clarisea SeaSalt

On my second wash with Clarisea SeaSalt I used it along with Clean & Clear morning energy face wash purifying apple. This time the product formed a paste. I applied it all over my face and rub it in for a minute then rinse thoroughly. My skin instantly felt softer and smoother. I had recently had a break out due to waxing, so I had a layer of bumps (face rash) on my skin. The product did not inflame the small bumps on my cheek neither did it further irritate it or made it any better.

The Clarisea SeaSalt Solutions Instant Glow Powder Exfoliant can be used along with any product of your choice. Whether you mix it with your favorite cleanser or a DIY ingredients. Using products such as coconut oil, cinnamon, and nutmeg to make your own facial scrub it will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and glowing.

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