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    How to Select Ipsy Glam Bag Product

    Ipsy is currently running a test that allows a few subscribers to select a product of choice that they will love to receive in their monthly glam bag. This test is only sent to a few ipsters but if you would like to select a product simple email ipsycare and let them know your product of choice before the 30thof March. The selected product will be included in your April Glam Bag.

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    Ipsy Rant and Response

    Ipsy Rant (July Glam bag)

    Before I start my Ipsy rant and response let me tell you a little about Ipsy. Ipsy is a subscription bag that is curated by Michelle Phan. It cost only $10 monthly to purchase a glam bag. These glam bags are hand-picked and curated just for you based on a personalized questionnaire. It asks questions like what is your eye colour, hair colour and texture, brands that you would like to try, favorite Ipsy stylist and much more.

    I have changed the answer to my quiz several times but I still receive products that I have no use for. Even though you take the quiz the products that you received in your glam bag are a 50/50 chance of matching your personal preference. I love the idea of receiving a glam bag each month with makeup but if they can’t get it right then I might just cancel my subscription.

    If Ipsy has similar products but different brand why do they insist on giving you products from the same brand again? I received an eyeshadow from theBalm cosmetics even though the shades are different. I feel as if ipsy could have given me something else; like the TooFaced Primer that would even work well with the previous eyeshadow.

    Ipsy Customer Care Response

    I had message ipsy prior regarding this matter and I was given a long explanation. Please see below

    Ipsy Rant (July Glam bag)
    Message from Ipsy

    I had received some really great products from Ipsy that I could really use. I hate how Ipsy would get you all excited sharing sneak peeks day-after-day, then to unveil the glam room and it is not what you wanted or a close duplicate of the same brand that they already sent you. For July’s glam bag I have three products from brands that I had already reviewed and tested.

    Ipsy Rant (July Glam bag) Ipsy Customer Care
    My July Ipsy Glam Room

    Same brand, similar product

    Ipsy had other items of the same similarity that they could have included in my glam bag. For instance, they could have substituted the Luxie Brush for the brush from Revlon, Sedona Lace or Vasanti brush. Instead of another theBalm eyeshadow, it could have been substituted for the Too Faced primer, EM mascara, Benefit Ka-brow and also for Ofra Lip Liner the EM Lip balm, Glam Glow or anything else; seeing that I always receive stuff from those brands in previous glam bags. Ipsy repeating the same brand in glam bags over and over can become pretty boring. Even though the items that I received in a prior glam bag are of a different shade, style etc.

    Click to view other products that were included in July Glam Room

    Ipsy Rant (July Glam bag)
    These are products that I received in prior glam bags

    I swear I felt depressed after seeing my glam room, I was so hoping for something different. And I wouldn’t want to cancel since I get some stuff that I could really use and for the price; it is well worth it. Just hoping that Ipsy steps their game up anytime soon.

    If you share the same sentiments as myself feel free to leave a comment below.

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    Clarisea SeaSalt Solutions Instant Glow Powder Exfoliant Review

    The Clarisea SeaSalt Solutions Instant Glow Powder is 100% natural powder exfoliant that works to gently buff away impurities and dead skin cells with naturally nourishing ingredients which are used to reveal an even healthier and more vibrant layer of the skin. The natural astringent properties of the rose powder and orange peel powder helps to cleanse the skin. Almond flour brightens while powdered sea salt first, exfoliates, then clarifies and heels as it dissolves into skin.

    clean skin

    I first heard about this product through Ipsy. It was featured in the November 2014 glam bag but I was unlucky to not get it during that month. I got a hold of this product when Ipsy decided to use it as a bonus Ipsy points redeemable item. Luckily I had earned enough points in time to redeem for this product. And receive it in my May 2015 Glam Bag. I love using skin exfoliant, so I was not hesitant to try this product. Read more

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    How to Skip Ipsy Waitlist

    Want an Ipsy Glam Bag? Tired of the long waiting to get off the Ipsy waitlist. Start the year off right by skipping the anxiously awaiting Ipsy waitlist!

    skip ipsy waitlist

    Ipsy is giving you a chance that you can now skip the Waitlist and start enjoying January’s Glam Bag. Just sign in to or sign up here if you haven’t already and click this link

    There are only limited spots available… So Hurry and sign up now to receive your glam bag filled with 4-5 beauty products!!!