The Brush Bar: How to Clean and Dry Makeup Brushes

I love wearing makeup but when it comes down to washing my one million and one brushes it can be a hell of a deal. I’ve tried every method known to wash my brushes and leave them to dry; from using the palm of my hand and laying them to dry on napkins/towel to using the Brush Bar and the Brush Board.

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What is the Brush Bar?

The Brush Bar can be described as a smart tool that allows you to dry your makeup brushes without damaging and misshaping the bristles. It also doubles as an organizing tool for small brushes that can be stored away inside, and a holder for ready to use makeup brushes.

The Brush Bar can hang up to 10 brushes per time to dry. This includes 2 large brushes, 6 medium brushes and 2 small brushes. The Brush bar is made from a sturdy material with a flip to it. It does not open all the way back but once open the prongs are accessible to be used. The Brush Bar retails for US$38. It is available in matte black and comes in a velour carrying case.

get brush bar

The Brush Bar

How to Use the Brush Bar?

  1. Find the thumb indentation on the brush Bar and POP open the lid.
  2. Once open FLIP the Brush Bar upside down to allow the prongs to flip out.
  3. After the prongs flip out, SNAP the Brush Bar shut and place on a flat surface such as the edge of a vanity, sink, desk, counter or any desired area.
  4. Between each prong PUSH your brushes into them, allowing the bristles to point downward to dry.

The Brush Board

What is the Brush Board?

The Brush Board is a makeup brush exfoliator that helps to deep clean between bristles for a quicker clean. The Brush Board is rectangular in length and has a finger size circle for the perfect hold, and two sides with 6 different patterns. Each pattern has their own benefit; the cylinders, pyramids, cone, triangular prism, ridges, and waves.

The Patterns and Uses

  • Cylinders – the cylinder patterns give the beauty tool a gentle and effective clean wash. I use this mainly for eyeshadow brushes.
  • Pyramids – this pattern has 4 edges and a point to offers each beauty tool the deepest clean; perfect for foundation brushes.
  • Cones – the cone pattern deep cleans as well as comb through bristles to separate for faster drying time.
  • Triangular Prism – has 3 edges for a medium scrub; perfect for powder brushes.
  • Ridges – this pattern has dual purposes. It can be used as a scrubber and/or scraper.
  • Waves – this pattern also serves as a scrubber and scraper but in waves.

The Brush Board Retails for US$28 and comes with a green velour case.


The Brush Bar and Brush Board are perfect tools for keeping makeup tools clean and dry. The Brush Board helps to get out the unnecessary gunk between each bristle leaving makeup brushes clean and smelling good. As for the Brush Bar, it holds brushes securely in place for drying and easy usage. The Brush Bar prongs have a decent grip and it holds any brand brushes. I have tried a variety brand of brushes with different handles and all fit securely in the sizable prong.

Tips for best usage

  • Apply brush cleanser to selected pattern along with a splash of water prior brush cleansing.
  • Use a gentle swirling motion or back and forth to cleanse bristles.
  • Alternate between the different surface patterns for a more intense deep clean.
  • Rinse bristles with warm water while swirling.
  • Dry and hang Brush Bar in a dry place after us

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