Best Ways to Spring Clean the Kitchen

To maintain a fresh and clean house you must start by cleaning; whether you clean on a daily basis, weekly or you make it your duty to spring clean whenever. Finding smart ways to save money and time while you spring clean your kitchen can be easy; you don’t need tons of product to get the cleaning job done. I have teamed up with Worktop Express to share with you some tips, tricks and tools that can help you with creating a budget friendly clean environment.

spring clean the kitchen

Effective ways to spring clean your kitchen

Baking soda can do just about anything in the kitchen; from cooking to baking, from baking to keeping your food fresh in the fridge and also cleaning your oven, utensils, getting rid of coffee stains and also neutralizing smelly scents from the air.

  • Use baking soda to scrub the oven, it will help with the de-greasing process
  • Remove burnt stains by bringing water to boil in the pot, throw off the hot water and place the baking soda in the empty pot leave it to cool then scrub away the burnt stains.
  • Clean and polish silverware by soaking them into a mixture of baking soda, sea salt, vinegar and warm water for 30 minutes.
  • Sprinkle baking soda into your stained coffee cup and add water to form a paste, then proceed to scrub, rinse, dry and store away.
  • To neutralize the air and get rid of fishy or fry food scent in the kitchen place baking soda on the top of a cut lemon and let it sit.

Lemon is just as fun. We use it on our meat to take away the rawness, for added flavour and neutralizing. It can also be used in many other ways such as cleaning down the kitchen sink after use. Lemon is multi-purpose; it can be used to remove stains, it has antibacterial properties and it neutralizes odors.

  • Squeeze half lemon juice into a bowl filled with water, also add the cut half of the lemon into the bowl, place the bowl in the microwave for 3 minutes. Do not open the microwave! Allow it to stand for another 5 minutes; after completing these steps. Open the microwave door and wipe down for a clean and fresher scent.
  • Deodorize and clean plastic waste bins by adding by rinsing it with lemon juice. This will help to remove stains and get rid of any scent.
  • A blender can be a little difficult to clean; cut lemon in half, place it into the blender with dishwashing liquid. Blend both together to get rid of hard water buildup and stains from product etc.

Vinegar is cheap and effective. It is not only for our meat; it has multi purposes. It is great for getting rid of bacteria, mildew and dirt.

  • Surface clean your refrigerator with a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar.
  • Clean cutting board with vinegar and water
  • Use vinegar to remove stains from plastic containers; add vinegar and allow it to sit, wash as usual and put away.
  • Clean countertops with vinegar and a warm rag; except granite and marble countertops.

Descale your Keurig by adding white distilled vinegar and water to the reservoir, use a large cup, start the brew cycle on empty and allow it to descale your brewer. Repeat this step until all scale buildup is gone away.

Utensils are useful tools that help us to enjoy our meals without creating a mess. Also, it can be difficult to clean in between them as food becomes stuck. By using a cutlery cleaning to remove leftover food from in between utensils (dinner forks, spoon, copper utensils and knife) you will have sparkly, clean utensils for next usage.

These are some useful and budget-friendly spring clean methods for your kitchen.

spring clean your kitchen

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