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Interior Design Styles

When it comes to decorating the home there are so many interior design styles to select from. You also want to achieve an interior design style that complements each other whether it be for the living room, bedroom, bathroom or just about anywhere in your home. You want your home to be something that you can feel free and be easily relaxed after a long day working or taking care of your kids. Often we see these beautiful designed interior decor styles in magazines, blogs and home decor books or by watching HGTV. It grabs our attention and immediately we start to ask ourselves where can I buy this decor item? How can I achieve this layout with my tiny space? Will it be possible to recreate this look in my own home? Decors are unique, expressive and can be personalized to our taste; once we learn the basic of the different home styles. If you are looking for ways to incorporate these styles into your room, check out bedding at Julian Charles.

Interior Design Styles

Some Interior design styles that I am drawn to includes:


This is all about staying current; keeping up with the latest styles and designs. It is a modern interior style that is constantly changing. Contemporary interiors feature clean and unadorned spaces whether it is between the legs of furniture or walking area. They tend to go for types of furniture with exposed legs, metals and glass are also popular contemporary materials but kept at a minimum.


Less is more when it comes to a minimalist interior design style. With minimum pieces of furniture and more space, I can definitely relate to this homestyle; no tumbling over furniture as the pathway is clear for free movement.


This interior design style can be broken down into different groups such as mid-century modern and urban modern. It allows for accessories, paintings and designs to compliment the space. It is often clean, with crisp lines and a simple colour palette. Mid-Century modern is fit for old school designs; if you are looking for a throwback in the 1900s.

All three interior design styles have something in common; whether it is the clutter free space or the clean, crisp atmosphere.

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