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How to Reduce Customer Churn Rate in the Fashion or Beauty Industry

Whether you operate a fashion or beauty industry there are ways that you need to implement for your customer to keep on coming back. If your customers are not returning, it simply means that you are missing out on sales and there are things that should be improved. The fashion and beauty industry is constantly changing, if a business wants to survive they have to keep up with the evolving trends of their competitors or develop new innovations that surpass consumers expectations.

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If you look at companies like Anastasia Beverly Hills she is always creating new eyeshadow palettes; whether it is a limited edition palette or it is meant to stay on the market for long. KAT Von D and all those big brands do the same thing. Companies like MAC Cosmetics will do a celebrity endorsement, other companies will reinvent the packaging and recreate better pigments. After gathering customer reviews Huda Beauty discontinued their Rose Gold eyeshadow palette and recently released the all new Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Eyeshadow Palette with an improvement in the formula and packaging.

This also happens when shopping for clothes, for eg. purchasing pants online from Fashion Nova or some other fashion boutique. The order is complete, it is shipped to you, after opening the package and trying on the item the fit is too small or too big; simply because the clothing is not true to size. This will cause discouragement to customer and a churn rate increase for the business.

Reducing customer churn rate in business can be a marketing challenge but let’s look at some ways to prevent this from happening.

How to Reduce Churn Rate

Provide excellent customer service – communication between your business and customers is key to a good business. Poor customer service is one of the reasons why customers are not returning to your business. Avoid poor customer service at all times. Make it easy for your customers to contact you.

The information must be transparent – if you are a beauty company information such as ingredients and if your product is cruelty-free it must be easy to distinguish on the packaging. The fashion industry should always state whether their clothing is true to size, types of materials used to create the product and a perfect sizing guide for their online customers.

Create an active and effective marketing strategy – whether it is a new product released, discount code, how-to tutorials, anything that your existing customer base would find value from; use your marketing skills wisely to retain these customers and reduce churn rate. Do not mainly focus on potential customers, also think of retaining existing customers.

Identify your weakness – every business has some form of weaknesses; identify your weakness and find ways to improve on them. Listen to customers complaints and suggestions given to see where improvement is needed.

Add value to your product – improvements are good for businesses; whether is working to fix the weaknesses, being innovative or improving a product that already works for you. Recently in the beauty industry businesses have heard the cries of customers. Fenty beauty released over 40 shades of foundation fit for every skin tone. Other competing brands such as Huda Beauty and more came out with said release.

Provide incentives – reward your customers; whether it is by coupon codes, a reward point system where they can redeem for items and/or a special discount codes for birthdays or company anniversaries. This will have your customers coming back for sure.

Stay competitive – to be in business you have to stay competitive. As market conditions change, so should your business; it should keep up with the latest innovations and technological advancements.

Ask for feedback – Gathering customer reviews and doing something towards making the customer experience better are a great way of fixing an unsatisfied customers complaint. Feedbacks can be collected through surveys, social media comments. This can be done often as possible through emails or a pop-up form located on your site.


Customer churn rate determines the success of your business. Churn rate will not always be low but there are ways to improve your products and services. Use these helpful tips to better your business, reduce churn rate and increase sales revenue.


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