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makeup brush set

Makeup is an art and you need to have brushes in order to produce high-quality results. If you are new to the world of makeup, then this article is for you. Brushes can play an essential part in making the face smoother. The overall effect of makeup can blend in the skin making your look more natural and flawless.

For the reasons above, there are a lot of women and even men who spend a lot when it comes to makeup brushes. It is essential to use the right brush on the right product to produce results. The good news is that you won’t need a lot of brushes in order to produce a smooth makeover. You can click here to find some options for makeup brush sets.  If you are a beginner in the world of powder, lipsticks, and concealer, then here are some of the things that you need to know about their brushes.

The Kind of Brushes that You Need

  1. Foundation Brushes

You might want to apply liquid foundation since it produces more coverage. It can lighten up dark spots and cover blemishes. However, if you don’t blend your liquid matte foundation, it can produce a “cakey” result. Your face will look like it was soaked in flour and nobody wants that. Some of the best brushes for the liquid foundation include a dome-shaped and full-rounded brush that offers full coverage.

  1. Concealer Brushes

Concealers are very effective in hiding eyebags, and pimples. When you use the right brush for concealers, it will blend in with your foundation in a seamless way. You have to choose a brush that is enough to blend the product under your eyes and on your eyebrows. The tiny tip of this kind of brush was built in order to blend the product on your eyes without wiping away the whole concealer thing. Click here to find more about concealers.

  1. Brush for Powder

Powder ensures that your makeup has a smooth finish. It can also act as a setting product that will make you look like you never did any work at all. A powder brush is essential when it comes to applying a matte finish to your overall look while not necessarily wiping all of your liquid foundation and bb creams. These kinds of brushes usually have fluffy ends and bristles. They are dense and longer in length compared to other brushes. They are usually used for baking your makeup or dusting your face with setting powder for retouching.

  1. Bronzer Brushes

These brushes have sharp edges that are precisely made for contouring. Even though you can use any brush to hide areas of your cheeks through a bronzer, you don’t want to use a single brush for all your makeup products. You also need to clean your brush in every step of the way. There are a lot of bronzer applicators that have fluffy bristles in order to diffuse the pigments of powder. They are built this way because the bronzer needs to blend with the blush.

  1. Fan-shaped Brushes

These kinds of brushes are usually used for highlighting. They are usually tapered at the end. The level of glow that you want to achieve will depend on the highlighting brush shape that you have. These brushes are for easier application on your brow bones, cheeks, and near your eyes.

  1. Eyeshadow Brushes

When it comes to eyeshadows, you may come across a shader that is used to pack pigmented colors near your eyes. But an eyeshadow brush is a different kind that diffuses the colors and blends them together. You may start with a base color of eyeshadow, pack the eye edges with darker colors, and use a third color to blend all of them together. The gentle and small fluffy bristles of this kind are used for a wiping motion on your eyes without necessarily scratching your entire eyelids out.

makeup brushes

Other Tips for Makeup Brushes

How you handle your brushes is just as crucial as finding the right brush. Here are other tips and tricks on how you can get that flawless look for your upcoming date.

When it comes to concealer brushes, you might be tempted to just directly dip your brush on your product. However, you should first smoothen it on your hand in order to warm it up before you can apply it to your face. The result is that you won’t have to go to the motions of wiping out any excess since concealers are considered as heavy makeup.

There are crease brushes for eyeshadows and eyeshadow brushes for blending. Look for soft shadow brush that is smaller and fluffier. These kinds will help you blend the powder better. The pointed crease brush will make the edges more defined. To achieve that smoky eye, you can get tips from Youtube or other blog posts to know more about the difference between crease brushes and shadow brushes.

A Final Word

Aside from those brushes above, there are still a lot of brushes out there that you need to know more about. The key to a flawless makeup especially when you’re a beginner is to get the right brush. This way, you can apply your makeup products and get a more natural look. There are a lot of tips when it comes to makeup application, but you can start by buying first the right brushes.


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