Adventures Everyone Should Try At Least Once


Life is a journey which can be unique to all of us. Life is not about what we do or what it brings to us. It is about experiences, brought about by the moments we go through. But as we journey through life, we realize that life is more than those happy and sad moments. It is actually full of adventures.

Each adventure brings a different experience; a life-altering experience, perspective changing, and humbling experiences.

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventure” Lovelle Drachman.

Do you want to pamper your life with adventure, well the following are 11 adventures you should try at least once in your life!

sky diving

1. Go Skydiving

What an amazing experience! It makes your adrenaline rush drastically. The sensation of falling from high altitudes is definitely one of the scariest experiences for anyone.

Mostly, skydiving is one extreme activity that only a few people can gather up the courage to attempt. And if you’re one of the few, grab an opportunity and experience lots of adrenalin and a faster heartbeat.

hang gliding

2. Hang Gliding

If you ever need a thrill, organize a trip to go hang gliding. You will be thrilled as you are taken up above 3,000 feet.

They will tie you up to a dragonfly airplane and release you to soar for around half an hour. Whoa! You will feel like you’re flying. Shortly, you even forget you’re in a glider.

What a thrill of a lifetime! Why can’t you get this experience, and accompany it with a video of your fun flying experience?

zip lining

3. Zip Lining

This is entirely an enjoyable flight experience. Well, people are obsessed with desire for the flight since the time immemorial. And as long as humanity has not yet figured out how to get feathers, zip lining remains a sure way to fix it all. It an exciting activity that completely safe.

Admittedly, heights and speed aren’t for everyone. However, ask anyone who has ever done it and you will like it. The sail on top of treetops and gullies is so spectacular. Do I talk of the rush! Friends’ words may not precisely describe the feeling. It is better if you experience it yourself.

luxury vacation

4. Luxury Vacation

When money is not an object, luxury travel can offer incredible experiences.

Is a meaningful experience is your priority? Well, then look to the Bahamas for an adults-only resort, boating around the islands, art galleries, casino experience, forts, museums, and monuments among others.

The resort experience is the best, with a stress-free ride, air conditioning, and comfortable seating. If you have some bucks to splash, you can head on to sandals royal Caribbean, one among other Caribbean resorts, for a thrilling experience.

mountaineering, climb mountain

5. Go Mountaineering

Mountain climbing is such a fantastic experience. Your state of mind gets refreshed up. When mountaineering is done with family and friends, it brings much-needed bonding and social experiences that will stick for a lifetime. Though it requires lots of physical and mental strength, it’s indeed a cool experience.

surfing, surf

6. Learn How To Surf

Undoubtedly, the fear of sharks, falling, waves, and drowning can bring up serious worries towards surfing.

However, taking up the plunge yields great adventurous experience. “I am not a swimmer,” You say. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a swimmer. Though it may feel scary at first, but you will feel really powerful after nailing it!

edge walking stunts

7. Edge Walking

Walking on the edge of the tallest building on tiptoes is fantastic. Just imagine 116 floors above Toronto. Wow! What an adrenaline rush! If you are scared of heights this is definitely not for you, though it feels so safe. Are you’re a thrill seeker? Then this will definitely give you the experience you desire.

horse riding

8. Horse Riding

This is one of the easiest ways to unease from the busy life. Though it demands lots of physical stamina, the experience will make you easy to bond with horses. The experience will create acceptance of animals and relaxation in their presence.

jump off a cliff

9. Jump Off A Cliff

Jumping off a cliff feels terrifying for both participants and onlookers. The experience teaches our minds to be able to adjust to scary moment posing some risk. This is an experience worth trying as it leaves you really thrilled.

Porsche riding

10. Porsche Riding

Nothing that sets your heart racing best than driving a Porsche. Its ability to negotiate sharp corners, stop and accelerate does not only praise the engineering fete but also offers a unique driving experience.

You choose what can excite you more a perfect performance products Porsche or naked bike ride. Go crazy at least ones in your life – Porsche riding is an experience of a lifetime.

cliff base hanging

11. Cliff Base Camping

If you bored with daily life within the safe confines of your home, then cliff base camping is your suitable alternative.

Sleeping on a hanging cliff, overlooking a sea or a spectacular valley can be breathtaking. You are probably looking for a unique experience that you will never forget; cliff base camping is your choice.

Wrap Up

The world is a book, and those who don’t travel know only one page, Saint Augustine. Taking your time to enjoy these adventures fully is actually worthwhile. They allow us to enjoy the feel of life in a different adventurous way.


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  • Matt

    Excellent ideas! I’d also add Scuba Diving to the list – while it may not be for everyone, doing a taster dive to find out can be pretty cheap and you’re pretty much guaranteed to see some underwater life.

    December 17, 2018 at 10:07 am Reply
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