Sun, Fun, and Regrets: Turning Back The Clock On Facial Sun Damage

facial sun damage

When we’re young, we can think of nothing better than sitting out in the sun. We expose our faces to those rays without a thought to the wrinkles we’re letting ourselves in for. All we care about is sun, fun, and a beautiful tan. Heck, the browner our faces, the better we think it is at that age.

But, then, something unpleasant starts to happen. You’re below thirty, and you can already see the marks of age on your face. Your skin is blotchy and, worst of all, you can already see wrinkles fanning from your eyes. You don’t know whether it was the sun or the amount of time you spent squinting, but the damage is done. You’re doomed to a lifetime of wrinkly skin and premature aging. Why, oh why, didn’t you take that sun cream from your mom? Now, you’ll never be able to love your skin again.

Or, will you? There is no denying that excessive sun exposure can cause all manner of damage to our skin over time. We’ve all seen those computer simulations which show how much sun can speed theagingg process. Fear of this is the main reason we buy foundations which include sun protection. But, to say that you’re past your best before thirty isn’t strictly fair. You should have listened to the warnings, but you may find that it’s not too late to return to a face you love. In reality, a lot of the damage you’ve done here is reversible to some extent. If you aren’t convinced, read to find out how you can get your skin looking young again in no time.


You get it; skin hydration is essential. If you hear this ONE more time, you swear…
But, bear with us, because it really is important here. Take note of the fact that most of that sun damage is a result of dehydration. Think of what would happen if you left a grape in the scorching sun day in and day out. It would be a sultana in no time, right? The same rules apply for your skin. The only reason you’re seeing wrinkles right now is that your skin spent so long drying out in your youth. The fact you’ve noticed this early is a good thing. It means you can work on the issue. In some sense, this couldn’t be easier. Making sure you drink enough can work wonders for the appearance of your skin. You should, of course, also pay attention to moisturizing if you haven’t already. Continued use of products like these can both plump your skin and stimulate the production of collagen. If you hadn’t heard, that alone could be the secret to youthful skin. So, what are you waiting for? Love your skin like you do.



The next step is also a simple one, but it can work wonders here. Exfoliation is a fantastic skin tip in a general sense. This gets rid of dead and dry skin to make way for your glowing complexion. But, what does this have to do with reversing the effects of the sun? Quite a lot when you consider that sun damage is often all about dead skin cells. You spent all that time abusing your little face skin friends until they looked tired before their years. For mild sun damage, then, using an exfoliating scrub can do a lot of good. It’ll certainly make sure your skin looks less lackluster than it has done recently. Bear in mind that you do need to be careful here. Exfoliating too often will leave your new skin at higher risk of sun damage. As a general rule, you shouldn’t use products like these more than once a week or so. Still, getting into an ongoing habit here could see you glowing in a way you didn’t think was possible anymore.

facial sun damage

Seek help from professionals

In extreme cases, you may feel the need to seek the help of professionals here. This is never a bad idea, especially if the basic tips mentioned above haven’t helped. The fact is that you may well have done more damage than you know how to handle. In that instance, a trained dermatologist could be your best bet. Treatments such as Photodynamic therapy can work to repair specific sun-related issues. A dermatologist will also be able to recommend a skin care routine for you going forward. If even this doesn’t work out for you, you might want to consider going down the botox route. While this is a dirty word for many, this cosmetic procedure has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Now, treatment is more focused on problem areas to produce a naturally healthy look, rather than the fixed expression of old. All you need to do is make sure you seek someone with proper botox training. Then, you could find yourself with youthful looking skin again in no time.

Try an LED (light-emitting diode)

We know what you’re thinking; isn’t this what goes in your fairy lights? Yes, it is. But, LED therapy has also proven pretty good at skin repairs. As such, you may want to invest in home units like the Tanda to turn back the hands of time. Studies show that exposing your skin to LEDs can both kill bacteria and promote collagen production. Yes, we are back to the C word. Over time, options like these reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tighten skin. You may find, then, that this is a cheap and easy way to find your way back to the face you used to love when you were young.

We’re not going to lie and say your sun exposure days were a good idea. Let’s be honest; you wouldn’t need to consider this if you had just covered up already. But it’s never too late to start paying attention to your skin. With a little thought, you can easily turn back time and get things right the next time around.


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