5 Workplace Fashion Statements You Can Make Every Day Of The Week

Dressing for work can become so routine that it ends up being a mundane task. With a new season approaching, it might be time to mix things up a little. It’s easier than you think to have a little fun with fashion when you’re in the office. Here are just 5 workplace fashion statements you could make this week. That’s right – one for every day of the working week!

The Power Suit

The days of thick, unshapely shoulder pads are stuck well and truly in the eighties, never to adorn your power suit again. These days, the power suit is about a fitted jacket and skirt or pants that match. You can have these fully tailored to you. Alternatively, head to a really good retailer and see what they have the suits you.

The most interesting part of this outfit is the jacket lapel and collar. There are far more styles to choose from these days. You can even choose jackets with no collar at all. The front slit neckline is popular here or the square finish to complement a puffy blouse. If you do want a more traditional jacket collar cut, try a banded neckline for something different.

tailored suit

You mean business in a power suit. Image credit

Of course, the power suit is famed for the notched lapel collar. This gives a very professional look and is the standard expected. The vast majority of men’s jacket collars meet this same style, so it’s no wonder more and more women are trying to step away from this. Blouses are often a more feminine and rounded cloverleaf style. It’s possible to match this with the jacket too.

Why not add a stiff collar shirt to this ensemble? They work beautifully with the pencil skirt or pant power suit look. You can dress it in a short length necklace and enjoy hoop, drop or stud earrings. It also doesn’t matter whether you wear long hair up or down with this collar. For a softer look, pick a round neck or square neck top. Add a silk or sheer scarf tied loose when the jacket is buttoned or around the neck when it’s open.

The Statement Piece For Creatives

Creative people often need to show off their creative flair in the wardrobe choices for the workplace. It assures clients that you have a lot of interest in design and color. And it can be inspiring to be seated among so many different styles and looks. To create your own statement piece, you need to coordinate without looking too formulaic or traditional. Start from the top down.

Your blouse or top should have bold colors, but don’t be afraid to select a single color at this point. Patterns don’t always work in blocks like this, but if you want to add shape and interest then do it on the top rather than the bottom. The cut of the top is just as important as the skirt. Of course, you’re more likely to layer up with accessories and add-ons so consider the overall look you want to achieve before you get started.

The style of your pants, trousers or skirt should be a big wow factor for your outfit. You should always choose a shape that suits your shape. Perhaps A-Line skirts look great on you, or maybe culottes flatter your thighs? Now look for options that have more architectural structure. Things like extra shape, lines, and form can be very flattering when added to the basic shape of the garment.

Accessories are one of the essential parts of an ensemble, especially for a creative style. Companies like Evulfi specialize in fashion jewellery that can be mixed and matched. It can add extra shape and structure to your outfit, as well as be providing interesting focal points for the overall style. Extra rings, bangles and bracelets help to accentuate your hands as you gesture. Necklaces highlight and complement interesting necklines and collar shapes. And earrings can draw the eye up to that fabulous haircut you’ve got going on.

The Casual And Comfortable

The casual look at work is perfectly accessible if you’re happy to dress it up just a little. Tees might be a stretch too far, but a summer dress with a cute cardigan and court shoes could be just right. You want to be comfortable with a casual look so try to avoid high heels. Strappy sandals might also be a little too casual for a workplace look. Instead, think closed toe and strappy for that elegant, casual look we love.

casual attire

Just a little touch of casual and help you feel more comfortable at work. Image credit

Jumpers and sweaters in winter cover up whatever is underneath with a really great design, shape or color. This means you can be extra casual underneath, even wearing your favorite tee! A word of warning though – some offices are simply too warm when the heat is on for you to be comfortable wearing thick knitwear! Try a cardigan rather than the roll or turtleneck pearl!

Of course, layering could be the perfect way to dress when you want to be casual but might have to meet a supplier or client during the day. The top half is most visible when you sit at a desk all day, so consider how you can smarten in a moment if you’re caught short. A formal shirt or blouse with a cute cami or top might save the day. Don’t forget – a collection of good quality scarves can also be used to change the style of your outfit in just a moment or two.

The Cute Yet Formal

If your workplace attire ethic is quite strict, but you love bringing a little more of you into the office, then why not try a cute cashmere sweater with a blouse? A floral pattern on an A-Line skirt or pencil skirt can still look formal enough if the top is toned down a little. The ideas behind a cute style are sheer femininity. Softer shades of pink and blue, combined with the elegance of line or floral patterns work really well here. Again, accessories are key.


Feminine shapes and styles. Image credit

Look for necklaces, earrings and bangles that bring detail and interest to the outfit. A plain but pretty cashmere top screams quality and is just formal enough for this look to work in offices. You don’t have to restrict yourself to high collars or necklines though. The plunge can still look amazing without straying far from any strict dress codes. This can be achieved with shirts, blouses, or long sleeve tops. Add a scarf or a long-length necklace with drape details to dress it up even more.

Shoes are a big part of this look and heels can offer all the elegance and formality that you require. Of course, adding some detail to the shoe, or choosing a cute ribbon or strap finish can be just the thing for this look. You don’t have to stick with black. Dare to introduce a little color and maybe even a high-gloss finish. Now all you need to decide on is hose or bare-legs!

The Prim-And-Proper

High collars and necklines and formal Burberry style skirts are very prim and proper for the office. That doesn’t mean they look mundane or ordinary though! Don’t forget, you can include an amazing hairstyle or color to any outfit to give it a little flare and make a real statement.

Peter Pan collar

Professional, formal, proper, yet feminine and cute! Image credit

A Chelsea or Peter Pan collar can be an amazing look that you don’t see every day. These work really well on blouses that are limited in other details. Add a couple of long necklaces plus a short one tucked under the lapel to really bring out the design details here. Of course, a Platter, Cascade, or Straight Ruffle hug the neck and have great structure and interest for the eye. Each of these necklines and collars draws the eye up to your face.

From here, the hair plays a really important part. An upstyle takes the attention away from the hair and lets the outfit take the focus again. But a bob or shoulder length style can soften this prim and proper look and help you to look incredibly feminine. This outfit is all about focusing on you, what you can do and what you have to say. There are no distractions from the rest of the body being on the show, especially if you choose a longer length skirt and boots.

A prim-and-proper look can be one of the most professional-looking ensembles that still screams out style and sophistication. Your shape is still flattered without becoming provocative, so this makes a great workplace outfit. Best of all, it gives you a chance to dress it up with scarves, accessories and layers to create the exact look you want.

There are so many different ensembles and styles you can adopt for the workplace. There is nothing stopping you from trying out one or two on occasion. How do you dress for work, and how often do you try to change it up a bit?


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  • Femi Lewis

    Great post! You’ve provided professional women with a lot of great ideas. As a creative who would always love to chill in a sweater and leggings, you gave some great ideas on how to be relaxed yet professional at all times.

    November 18, 2017 at 8:05 pm Reply
  • Carissa

    My job’s dress code is very relaxed unless you have a meeting with the “higher-ups” then you need to be dressed more business professional rather than business casual. I need to invest in a couple of suits, I used to have some but the atmosphere became more relaxed so I need to get some more!

    November 18, 2017 at 8:47 pm Reply
  • Nanekia Ansari

    Everyone beside myself dresses very blah in my office. This piece is going in our break room for leisurely reading and hoping get some to thinking about adding a pop of color or something for flare or make them leave me alone about my creativity.

    November 18, 2017 at 9:14 pm Reply
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