History of Corduroy

While growing up I would wear cords to different occasions. I had it in different styles from a romper to pants. I would dress it up with a cute top and some accessories. Cords was comfortable than wearing a jeans pants. If you want to turn up your autumn/winter style check out Cords at Chums.

Read more to find out the history of Cords.

The History of Corduroy

Corduroy was first a woven of silk clothing that was worn by royal servants. Corduroy became popular in France and England during the 1700s. It was named corde du roi or “cord of the king.” Corduroy became more than just “the poor man’s velvet” by the late 1800s. It was then mass-produced in Europe and the United States factories where it became popular with the working class. In 1918, Henry Ford the auto manufacturer for Ford Model T automobile used hard wearing, luxurious corduroy as upholstery.

How is Corduroy made?

It is made from soft, durable fabric usually of cotton or cotton blended with man-made fabrics such as rayon and polyester. Corduroy is woven with loose threads that are then cut to create a pile or thick, soft texture. Most corduroy has ridges, or wales of this pile that run the length of the fabric.

Types of Corduroy

  • Fine or pinwale corduroy has sixteen ridges to the inch
  • Wide wale has eight ridges to the inch
  • Broadwale has a velvety soft feel and may have only three wales to the inch
  • No wale corduroy has an almost velvet-like feel

Why do we love Cords?

Cords are comfortable and are used to make all sorts of clothing from baby clothes to stylish suits and upholstery fabric for furniture. It can be dressed up and/or dress down. It is perfect for almost any occasion and it is good for casual and work dressing.

If you are interested in getting cords for this autumn/winter, then check out Chums.

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