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    5 Workplace Fashion Statements You Can Make Every Day Of The Week

    Dressing for work can become so routine that it ends up being a mundane task. With a new season approaching, it might be time to mix things up a little. It’s easier than you think to have a little fun with fashion when you’re in the office. Here are just 5 workplace fashion statements you could make this week. That’s right – one for every day of the working week!

    The Power Suit

    The days of thick, unshapely shoulder pads are stuck well and truly in the eighties, never to adorn your power suit again. These days, the power suit is about a fitted jacket and skirt or pants that match. You can have these fully tailored to you. Alternatively, head to a really good retailer and see what they have the suits you.

    The most interesting part of this outfit is the jacket lapel and collar. There are far more styles to choose from these days. You can even choose jackets with no collar at all. The front slit neckline is popular here or the square finish to complement a puffy blouse. If you do want a more traditional jacket collar cut, try a banded neckline for something different.

    tailored suit

    You mean business in a power suit. Image credit Read more