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What Happens When You Wear Makeup To The Gym

We are now living in a fast-paced world. Where people are too busy with their respective work that they most likely hit the gym right after a long tiring day at the office. With that, there are chances wherein they can’t find enough time to change their corporate attire to working gears or even remove their full face makeup. Have you ever thought about the effects of wearing makeup when you work out, or you’re just at least confident because, after your gym session, you’re going to wash off everything – from sweat to dirt anyway?

A lot of women are rocking their full face glamorous makeup when working out and we’re hoping that after you read this article, it opens your mind to change the habit.

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Flaunting makeup to the gym – yay or nay?

Mascara is the most common makeup women wear at the gym. But whether it’s waterproof or not. You may find your expensive cosmetic rolling down your cheeks or can get into your eyes by the middle of your session. It’s a big turn off when you’re running on a treadmill next to a cute guy!

On the other hand, with foundation or even powder, it forms a barrier that suffocates your skin which results in blocking and clogging of pores. When you work out, especially if you perspire a lot, your makeup mixes with oil and sweat which congests your skin and makes your face harder to release sweat and toxins.

Moreover, according to Elizabeth Hale, M.D., a dermatologist based in New York, “exercise creates perfect condition for increased skin absorption.” It means that anything lying on your skin while you work out – either dirt, bacteria, germs, sweat, oil, and of course makeup – sinks into your skin much faster than average that can lead to severe irritation. 
Your face needs a little breathing as well. When you wear a full face of carefully-applied makeup to the gym, you abuse your skin by hindering its ability to breathe. That would just lead to blackheads, pimple breakouts, dull complexion, and skin irritations.

Wearing a sweat-proof makeup is also a big no when working out – it does not help your skin nor make a difference – it will just get worse. No matter what cosmetics you put, it still creates the best environment for acne. Though some people still get breakout even if they come bare-faced; do not be confused – intense workout will just make your skin sweat, but does not release oil. With that, when there is constant rubbing from straps, clothing, or touching gym equipment, it triggers acne mechanica that leads to breakouts as well. Try to avoid too much touching of your face especially if you have open pores.

What you wear matters

However, if you’ve still decided to wear makeup when planning to have a gym session or morning run just because of fear of bumping into someone you know. There are still some quick and easy beauty routines you can keep. Try to use at least light, oil-free, or tinted moisturizer that will absorb quickly because a heavier one will just sweat it off.  You can also groom your brows and brush it off with spoolie, tie or braid your hair beforehand, and splash your lips with a gloss or moisturizer to achieve a clean and fresh look. Also, working out when you feel confident with what you wear makes a huge difference to your appearance.
Not only makeup contributes to breakouts, be mindful of your gym towels as well. Make sure that your towel is sanitized, and almost laundered to perfection. Keep in mind that just because your towel smells good and looks bright, does not mean it’s clean. Do not be deceived! It might be just soaked in fragrant detergents and fabric softeners. There is a huge chance that bacteria are living in the smallest fibers of your cloth. If your towel is not replaced frequently or laundered right.

We know that finishing a good intense workout feels pretty amazing. Especially, when you beat your record. Do not forget to have a warm shower within an hour after your session. Not because you deserve it. The bacteria from your dumbbells, gym equipment, or even your yoga mat can more likely transfer to your skin. 

You are enough

Majority wear makeup to have an emotional boost. Women should always remember that they are beautiful just the way they are. No matter what their size is, gender preference, race, and color. The natural blush you get when you complete your run or squats is thousands much better than any blush-on you can buy from the market. Plus, it’s priceless!
No matter how busy you are, be kind to your skin. You should still prioritize investing in a skin care and cleansing your face before having your training sessions. You could either leave it bare or apply a light serum to protect your skin from UV rays.

Do not just give your skin a breath of fresh air, but give yourself a break. Reflect that self-loathing would just lead you to more bingeing. Just because some women wear carefully-applied full face makeup to the gym does not mean you also have to. After all, the purpose of hitting the gym is to dripping sweat and relieve the stress. Not to do a catwalk on the treadmill.

Wear Makeup to the Gym

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