Vacation Jaunts: 2018 Bucket List Ideas For Students

Some of us have many things on our minds during November and December. There is Christmas to think about, spending time with family, and plans to make for New Year’s Eve. But there is one tradition on that very evening that a lot of us like to embrace, and that is thinking ahead to the new year and making those all important resolutions. However, a more modern trend is to create a bucket list for the year ahead, and a lot of what gets added is travel related. However, as a student, we can’t just head off on a whim, and so I thought I would share with you some of the experiences worth of your list for next year. Maybe it will inspire you to consider a destination yourself.


Skiing in The French Alps

If you are feeling inspired to experience a real winter, then you may want to consider adding a skiing trip to your bucket list. The French Alps are a popular destination that many people choose to go to. Skiing is something you can enjoy with friends or family. With little or no experience there are many ski schools and beginner slopes you can take advantage of. Once all the skiing is done with you can retire to your wonderful accommodation and enjoy a hot chocolate or two.

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Seeing the Northern Lights in Finland

Perhaps you want to take your bucket list seriously in 2018 and consider seeing ones of the true beauties of the world. Sticking with a winter theme you could head to the beautiful country that is Finland and enjoy the sights of the Northern Lights. You could even consider heading to the home of Father Christmas himself in Lapland. Not only do you get to see the Northern Lights but you could also stay in the famous ice hotel and see some of the beautiful ice sculptures.

Exploring the USA

Perhaps you want to consider exploring some of the fantastic states in the USA, and f=with fifty to choose from, you should always have an option for a vacation away. However, there are a few that could offer you a different experience. For example, visiting Lancaster in Pennsylvania could give you the experience of Amish life and a different culture and colony. It is easy to find places to stay in Lancaster, PA with just a quick search online. Also, you could visit Texas and see some of the amazing sights like NASA or just enjoy a different vibe in the capital, Austin. However, we can’t forget some of the other iconic places such as New York, Florida and California. So much to see that the US could be added to your bucket list fo travel each year. After a long night of partying if you have to clear a health check then you can go to this page to find how you can pass all tests.

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Backpacking through Asia

Backpacking is a great way to see a lot of a country on a smaller budget and is extremely popular for students looking to take a study break or use it as a part of a GAP year. You get to see places from a different perspective and you are offered the chance to see much more. Asia is one of the most popular continents to explore, from the islands Thailand has to offer to the hustle and bustle of Bali in Indonesia. There is much to offer a 2018 bucket list destination.

I hope this has inspired you to consider some other types of vacations and destinations for 2018.


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