Personalize Your Wedding In These Stylish, But Inexpensive Ways

A stylish and personalze wedding is what so many of us dream of. However, when the reality of all the expense kicks in it can seem far from what it seems; we will end up with. Luckily, there is some middle ground though, and it can be achieved by finding and creating chic, personal touches for your wedding that won’t break the budget. Read on for more information.


Personalize Wedding Decor Ideas


Centerpieces are traditionally something that is placed in the middle of each reception table at a wedding. The idea is that they reflect the decor and theme of the day, as well as provide interest for your guests.

The problem though is that even the most basic fresh floral centerpieces can cost a fortune and that is before you start adding any fancy touches or personalization. However, there is no rule book that state you must have fresh flowers for the occasion, in fact; you can create some wonderful effects with dried flowers, props, candles, and even pine cones just like the ones shown at

In this way, you can be sure that you will get something that matches exactly to your theme, and the season of your wedding without having to pay out through the nose for it.


Another clever way of personalizing your wedding celebration is to use initialed napkins for the meal. Many folks often think that doing this is a luxury they can’t afford, but this is before they have really looked into the cost.

In fact, you can get stylish and chic disposable napkins from with your marriage monogram in the middle for less than $40. A marriage monogram is where your shared last name is in the center, and the husbands initial is on the right, and the wife’s on the left. Just in case you didn’t know!

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Another area of the wedding that many couples like to personalize to their own taste is the favors they hand out to guests. There are, of course, a huge range of small items that you can distribute as a thank you gifts for attending your wedding, but you do need to think carefully about how the items relate to you as a couple personally and to the theme of your wedding.

For example, a garden wedding might suit packs of seed with a handwritten message from the happy couple on. While a clever favor at a seaside wedding might be a bottle of the sand from the beach or even some monogrammed thong sandals for guest to wear during the ceremony.


Wedding decoration can often be incredibly expensive, as well as being pretty generic too. Meaning you are paying out a lot of money for something that people have seen before. That is why it can work very well to create your own more personalize wedding versions instead. For instance, you can decorate a bar or a photo station with a customized neon wedding sign, just think about the countless options, name combinations or a special message all you need to do is try a design online.

Projects that I have seen work successfully for this are lit, or flower-filled initials (the bride and groom, and their surname) or Mr. and Mrs. Signs. Decorated suitcases like the ones at are also perfect for cards and gifts to be placed inside by the guests, and they add a pleasant personalized touch, especially for vintage themed weddings.

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