Are you looking for Trendy Sunglasses? Consider the tips below


Most people are so fixated in protecting their skin from Ultraviolet (UV) rays and forget that the eyes are affected too. UV rays come in two forms, UV-A and UV-B. Some of the eye problems associated with these rays are macular degeneration, cataract, pterygium among others. It is best to stay protected in some trendy, stylish sunglasses for the season.

Sunglasses are a great addition to your style, and they help your vision on a sunny day. Wearing sunglasses is a great defense mechanism against UV rays. Before purchasing sunglasses, you need to consider some factors:

  1. 100% UV protection

When buying sunglasses, the most important thing to check if they have a sticker or tag showing that they block 100 percent UV rays. Most people will not even bother to check as long as the sunglasses look stylish. However, it is essential to check if their lenses will protect your eyes from UV rays.

As we age, our eyes tend to experience physiological changes. If we expose our eyes into the sunlight, as time passes, the UV rays cause greater damage to them. Purchasing sunglasses with the 100 percent mark will protect you from this cumulative damage.

  1. Go for bigger ones

This sounds a bit crazy but the bigger the sunglasses, the more the coverage. As we have figured out, even as stylish as they may seem, you need something that will serve the purpose. More coverage will mean less damage inflicted on your eyes. This will prevent the UV from entering the eye from the side. If you are of Asian descent and struggle with finding sunglasses, have no fear.  You can buy sunglasses at as they have a limitless Asian fit collection.

  1. Don’t be so fixated on the color

The process of buying your preferred sunglasses calls for flexibility. There may be a notion that gray or green lenses will tend to block more sun, but that’s not true. They, however, increase contrast which is a significant aspect when either driving or in water to make the process safer.

  1. Prescription sunglasses

These are prescription sunglasses that have your own corrective prescription built into the lenses. Such sunglasses are available for all corrective prescriptions including bifocals and progressive lenses. In case you spend most times outdoors or driving, getting prescription sunglasses makes outdoor activities safer for your eyes.

  1. Avoid the price tag

As much as you have a budget for sunglasses, avoid being too focused on the price as you may end up not buying the perfect fit. Put in mind that, sunglasses shouldn’t have to be costly to confirm that they are efficient.

Sometimes, cheaper sunglasses marked 100 percent UV-blocking may be as effective as other costly options. Don’t always go for the expensive ones. Purchase what makes you happy.

As you finally buy the sunglasses, ensure they are of high optical quality, scratch-resistant especially the lenses and that they have a large frame to cover your eyes. Have the discipline to wear sunglasses any time you are outdoors especially summertime as the UV radiation is triple.


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