Tips to Help You Preserve Your Wedding Memories & Moments

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest of your life, and that’s probably why you want to preserve it and remember it for a very long time to come. There are increasingly varied ways in which you can preserve your wedding memories and the specific moments from it. It’s worth knowing more about these if you’re soon to be getting married and don’t want to miss out on preserving vital things.

Because there are so many ways to preserve your wedding memories and moments, it really is up to you which approach you take. We’re going to talk you through some of these options so you can make an informed decision and make the choice that’s right for you. So read on now and learn about all of the tips out there for preserving your happy wedding memories.

Start with the Engagement

Rather than just focusing on the wedding day, why not also get some great photos at the engagement. Of course, this might be a time for privacy because it’s a very personal moment, but you can arrange for an engagement photoshoot not long after. It can capture those early moments of your engagement when you’re still elated about the whole thing (and haven’t yet been hit by wedding planning stress!) These photos can be just as important to you in years to come as the photos from your wedding day will be.

Turn Your Wedding Dress Into a New Clothing Item

Many people like to keep their wedding dress beyond their wedding day, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But having it taking up space in your wardrobe when it’s probably never going to be used again can seem like a bit of a waste. Instead, you could do something new with the wedding dress and turn into a clothing item that can be used more regularly. If you can bear the idea of taking a pair of scissors to your beloved wedding dress, this is a nice idea to consider.

Tips to Help You Preserve Your Wedding Memories & Moments

Keep the Champagne Bottle and Reuse It

Popping a bottle of champagne at your wedding reception is a vital part of the wedding day experience. So why not keep hold of that champagne bottle and reuse it in some way. You can use it as a wine bottle for special occasions or you could simply use it as a cosmetic item or to hold flowers. It’s entirely up to you, but it’s a special item in a way, so it does make sense to do something with it.

Frame an Item From Your Wedding Day

There are lots of little things you can put in a frame to help remember and preserve an aspect of your wedding. It’s a nice idea because it gives you something to put on your wall in your new marital home. You can then keep it with you and use it as an important decorative item in all the homes you’ll share together in the years and decades ahead. It could be something very simple or something much more complicated. That’s entirely for you to decide for yourself

Hire a Talented Videographer

Having a talented videographer with you and working for you on your wedding day is a must. Sure, photographers are important but in this digital age, having a video to cherish for decades to come can be even more important. Photos are great but they don’t move or capture a moment as truthfully as a good videographer can with their camera. Look at the options and find someone who you think you can trust to put together the perfect wedding video of your big day.

Tips to Help You Preserve Your Wedding Memories & Moments

Be Sure to Use a Wedding Guestbook

A guestbook is a must for any modern wedding. When you have one of these, everyone will get their chance to leave a note and wish you well on your future lives together. It’s fun to look back at those messages 10 years or even longer and see what people said it. It’s also a deeply personal item to add to the wedding. They can be found very cheaply indeed and you can’t ever put a price on the memories they can evoke when you look back on them in the future.

Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

Many brides spend such a long time picking out the perfect flowers for their wedding day. That’s why it can seem such a shame to use them for a short period of time and then throw them away. It’s much better to preserve your wedding flowers in some ways. Follow the link to find out the various ways to do this. If those flowers mean a lot to you, preserve them and carry them with you junk your marriage.

Have a Custom Wedding Portrait Painted

If photorealistic isn’t really appealing to you right now, you could always have your portrait painted by a professional artist. It’s a nice way to do something different for your wedding. If you choose the right artist who’s going to be best for this particular job, they’ll be able to produce a fantastic painting that captures a special wedding moment between you and your partner. That’s what matters most of all.

Create a Time Capsule

More and more people are deciding to use time capsules as ways of preserving the day of their wedding and revisiting it many years later. That time capsule can be dug about in decades when your son or daughter is getting married or something like that. Of course, it doesn’t have to be physically buried in the ground or anything. It’s more about putting these momentos to one side and then discovering them again later on.

There are so many unique and interesting ways to preserve your wedding moments and make them last forever. This is going to be the most special day of your life, so it’s only right that you want to capture those memories and those special moments. Hopefully, the ideas above will help to do that.


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