Here are Some of the Top things to do In Richardson

Are you after something to do in Richardson? Maybe you’re just in the area and you want to see what’s on. Either way, you have come to the right place. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the area while also being able to plan out your trip from start to finish.

Cottonwood Park

Cottonwood Park can be found near to the city centre. It is a hit with locals and it is also the best place for you to spend a sunny afternoon. The park has a very delightful duck pond and you’re also allowed to feed the avian wildlife too. Cottonwood Park is even famous for hosting a huge number of festivals throughout the year, so it helps to look up some local listings so you can find out if there is anything going on when you’re in town.

Texas Automotive Museum

This Texan museum can be found in Richardson and it is something that a lot of car enthusiasts will love. The city is known for its automobile industry and it’s even got a showroom full of classic cars. The staff is friendly, and they are car enthusiasts themselves too, so they will be able to answer any questions that you have while also giving you the chance to view some of their most interesting memorabilia.


Stars Centre

The Stars Centre was once known as being the Ice Training Centre. The ice rink itself provides endless fun to any visitors who go for the afternoon and there are two rinks there too. This is a great experience overall and you can even cool down when the hot summer weather comes along. This is a fantastic place for you to visit if you have kids!


Funasia has a unique selection of Indian movies. It was started by the community and they are known for showing a huge range of Bollywood classics. The theatre themselves always like to put subtitles on so it is very easy for you to follow the plot. They also have a huge range of community events too, and this makes it easier than ever for you to see what is happening in town. If you are concerned about the movie going on for too long then why not look into some hotel rooms in Richardson? Some of them have access to luxurious pools and you can snap up a free breakfast too, so you’ll be able to make a full day out of your trip without having to worry about driving at night.

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Prairie Creek Park

The name really does suggest a lot here. It’s the perfect place for any family day out and they have a huge range of swimming pools for you to choose from. This ultimately means that there will be something to suit everyone. They have a large leisure pool if you want to have some rest and relaxation, with slides and even pool toys if you want to have a bit more of an adventure.


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