The Best Fashion Icons of the 20th Century

When you’re looking for fashion inspiration and figuring out how to combine the items you have in your wardrobe to look cool and refreshing, it’s always a great idea to go back in time. After all, the fashion codes were cracked way before some of us were even born as women decided to play with fashion and create their own unique style.

Looking back 30, 40 or even 50 years behind, for some of these women’s styles, it’s like time stopped. We can see so many of these things still on the streets, whether it’s casual, elegant, bohemian or any other style. So, who were the most stylish female fashion icons of all time? If you’re looking for inspiration, check our list below.

Edie Sedgwick

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1. Edie Sedgwick

If you are a part of any of the recent generations, there is a high chance you probably haven’t even heard about Edie Sedgwick but her style can be seen on a sewing mannequin wherever you look. This actress, model and also a muse to Andy Warhol, was one of the best hipsters you will ever see. Her style can be best described as chic and smart.

Also, Edie was famous for her makeup that’s a classic ’60 style and her hairstyle. Her short hair was a complete fashion revolution of these days. That’s why she always wore statement earrings to make the most of her every outfit. Actually, everything that she wore was a statement as Edie had a truly amazing sense of style.

2. Jackie O.

Those who are not a big fan of hipster movement or rock/boho fashion will probably appreciate a more elegant and classy style, like the one that Jackie O. had. The most fashionable First Lady of all times was an absolute fashion icon and inspiration to many women in the entire world – and still is.

Her classy style was everything but never boring as Jackie always paid attention to every single detail. Thanks to her, we enjoy those gigantic sunglasses and bright colour clutch purses. She also adored hats and her hair was always flawless. If you’re going for a classy but bold style, you should definitely check some of old Jackie’s photos.

3. Marilyn Monroe

Maybe it’s a bit strange to put these two women on a list next to each but when it comes to fashion, they were both truly fabulous. Marilyn’s style was completely the opposite of Jackie’s – sexy, provocative, sensual and playful. She enjoyed wearing silk and mini dresses, black turtlenecks, high waisted pants in bright colours, and so on.

Of course, she is most famous for her blonde locks and her love toward red lipstick. When she was enjoying her private life, you could see her near the beach in a one-piece swimsuit. With a wide variety of choices, you should check seafolly collection and find the right swimsuit for yourself.

Betty Paige

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4. Bettie Page

How can we name all these popular and inspiring women who rocked the world of fashion without mentioning at least one pin-up girl? Okay, to be completely fair, Marilyn was somewhat of a pin-up girl, but the one that ran this game was Bettie Page. She loved showing her gorgeous curves while being dressed in a bustier or a bikini on the beach.

Her style can be described as a mixture of sexy and classy. She always knew where the line was and she never crossed it. When talking about her classier outfits, Bettie wore off-shoulder dress with pearls and her makeup was always minimalistic to highlight her beauty even more.

5. Diana Ross

We all know who Diana Ross is but did you manage to check out her style when her career was on fire? This ultimate diva was the lead singer of the Supremes, but to the generations of that time, she was a well-respected trendsetter.

Her entire career, Diana was known as a lover of exquisite glamour and she had the right attitude to back it all up. Not to mention her hair which was an inspiration for many women to finally learn how to take proper care of your hair and how to look fantastic while doing it.


In the world of fashion, we will always remember the most those who dared to be different. Blindly following trends doesn’t create a fashion icon, it creates a follower. All these ladies managed to find their own sense of style and they knew exactly what looked good on them and what they need to avoid.

If you want to be like them, dare yourself to stop stealing ideas from fashion magazines and runways and start creating your own trends based on what makes you feel and look good. If you do that right, you will never go wrong. After all, fashion is all about expressing yourself through creativity, not building yourself from those what others tell you.


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