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Street style has no definition. It speaks of the culture on the ground, a mix of motifs and colors that define our cities, our music, and pretty much everything around us. Inspirations can come from anywhere and everywhere, so with the New Year upon us, here are some spectacular tips on how you can create your own street influenced style signature.

Whether it is a semi-casual outfit to work or your tribute to a favorite sub-culture, there are many ways you can flaunt a unique identity without looking overwhelming.

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Play With Different Denim Washes

The time to be conservative with denim has stopped. With so many high-quality tones and finishes available in the market, it would be a shame if you just stuck to your classic regular fit jeans. Throw on a denim jacket that is at least a couple of washes lighter than your jeans and voila! You have yourself a chic denim theme running. Add a graphics tee under the jacket along with some high-top sneakers and you are ready for downtown.

Explore A Wide Range Of Men’s Jewelry Collection

Jewelry is as natural with men as it is with women, depending on your wise choices. If you are familiar with the hip-hop culture then certainly the Cuban links are an ingrained image. This exemplary piece that blends solid bling with a classic design is a must-have if you are to keep up with the latest street style.

And why does everyone love the Cuban link chain? – Because it is so versatile. The most recognizable combination is a gold chain over a black tee – if you have piercings throw in some subtle studs but that is dependent on the occasion. You can also make an entrance with a Cuban link, a nice big watch, and a smart jacket over a solid silk shirt.

There are many types of chains you can try out. The most popular metals are yellow and white gold, known for their unmistakable luster. Check out this website for the best designs and the widest choices.

Bracelets are another very tasteful choice for men’s jewelry. Wear it like you would wear a watch – slip the bracelet under the cuff of the shirt. Metal bracelets also can go with your more casual clothing.

Other jewelry items that you can consider include loops and studs. Add a personalized pendant to a thin chain – it is always charming to see a sentimental touch to your overall wardrobe.

Add some athletic vibes in your daily wardrobe

Athleisure may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is certainly an attractive comfort zone to wear on your body. The focus with athleisure is mobility and easy fabrics which accentuate your athletic side. Joggers are now a regular feature but you can add some edge with licensed tees and hats. Showcase the team you follow with pride and enjoy crisp new additions to your closet.

Stay classy with a good watch

Digital watches are breaking ground with every new generation of products and they score pretty high on the aesthetic scale too. Fitness bands are a natural fit with the latest streetwear you have assembled.

Apart from that, you can wear a more sophisticated look with a nice luxury item. Investing in a Rolex is always a good idea. These pieces exemplify the highest engineering and design standards in the world. Such watches are great conversation starters and reflect a well-travelled and accomplished personality.

Camo – wear it well and you will be rewarded

The camouflage print is undying. Associated with the more rugged, macho side of things, a camo piece on your outfit is a classic street touch. The tip is to choose the right shades. Digital camos and desert prints are well accompanied by darker solid trousers and plain sneakers. Regular jungle camouflage tees pair well with a square-peaked hat for that revolutionary look.

How to choose a jacket

Outerwear is literally your skin while the weather stays gloomy and dark. And usually with men’s outerwear, you will have a favorite that you will wear almost daily. Find a jacket that is of a neutral tone and style so it can accompany a diverse range of outfits. A regular trench coat does the job pretty well while you can also opt for a long puffer coat. Black or navy are eternal favorites for very good reasons. These colors do not clash with the rest of your streetwear – flank the dark uppers with a pair of white sneakers for that cozy, finished look.

It does not matter what shade you choose if the texture is not right – you will suffer a mismatched look. Your outerwear will take the majority of the attention in terms of volume. Choose a texture that is gentle, smooth and easy to maintain. A bit of a sheen finish works on occasions but it should be reconsidered if you are going to wear your jacket very often.

Don’t compromise on your backpack

There are the things we switch every day and then there are accessories that are part of us when we step out of the house. Many tend to forget that their backpacks are also part of the signature style. If you have been carrying your trusted post-college laptop backpack for years, maybe it is time to retire it gracefully.

Choose a sharp and trendy backpack that reflects the status you want – whether an opulent leather piece or a specifically designed rugged bag with the ideal space and compartments for all your gear. Opt for neutral colors so you do not worry about having it clash with your clothes.

Shoes, shoes, and shoes

The shoes maketh a man – does that sound too dramatic? Well, if you are looking to make an impression, the effort you place on your footwear cannot be discounted. There are some essentials that need to be in your collection – universal white sneakers, a good pair of clunky leather boots, some plain but classy Oxfords, and suede chukkas which come in a variety of hues nowadays. There are certain cult shoes that also represent essential street style – a pair of 1460 Doc Martens will never go out of fashion, and you also have staples like printed Vans and Converse sneakers.

Buy Hats

Hats are practical and they come in large varieties so you will never get lost in the crowd. Always keep a collection for you never know when you will need a hat to complete your outfit. Fedoras have made a comeback for a while now and do not seem to be going away. They can be paired with something as simple as a tee and jacket or you can go all-out retro with some tweed and matching trousers.

Snapbacks look very smart with your athleisure. Pick a solid black piece that will compliment a selection of styles and keep a few flamboyant tones and printed ones for those days when you want to try something different. Keep some earthy tones and always remember to look for sustainable fabrics.

Just like any new fashion year, this one too is brimful of promises. Expect some bold new styles being ushered by the next subculture that hits the spotlight and as usual, we will have some retrospective designs inspired by the cycles of the past. And what is the last tip to a wardrobe makeover amidst the deluge of ideas and recommendations? You may be rocking the latest Supreme drop or a timeless Nike and Levi combo, as long as you do not lose your original identity in the mix, your style is impeccable.


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