Queens on Purpose Coconut Hair Butter

Queens on Purpose Coconut Hair Butter

Queens on Purpose Coconut Hair Butter

If you are a natural like me then you would know that trying products to our hair is like a scientific experiment. Not every product will work for your hair type and porosity. If you are not aware of Queens on Purpose Coconut Hair Butter I’d like to tell you more about this product and where you can find it.

Queens on Purpose Coconut Hair Butter

The Queens on Purpose Coconut Hair Butter has a creamy texture, it is great for locking moisture into the hair. It can be used before protective and low manipulation styles. This product is perfect for when doing the loc or lco method. The product claims to promote hair growth, strengthen hair, helps to treat dandruff and dry scalp, and also prevents hair loss.

Where can I buy the product?

By searching on you will find the product, it is being sold and shipped by Queens on Purpose only. The product will be ready for shipping after 1-3 business day following your order.

Queens on Purpose Coconut Hair Butter

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Queens on Purpose Coconut Hair Butter Review

When trying products I like to start out on freshly washed hair that way I can know which product works for me. If you follow the directions listed on Queens on Purpose Etsy product page it will give you an overview of how to use the product. The product has a smooth buttery consistency that will glide unto your fingers after each swipe. A small amount of the product will moisturize the hair leaving it frizz free and manageable.

Use this product in combination with your favorite leave-in conditioner, and styling gel. To achieve that perfect flat twist, twist out and or up-do hairstyle. I did not experience any flakes from using the product but my hair felt a bit hard after a few days. I will give the product another try but with using different combinations of products. For any naturals looking for handmade hair products to try, I highly recommend Queens on Purpose shop.


This product is handmade and formulated with Jamaican Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe, Natural Coconut Fragrance Oil and Coconut Oil.

Tip: To achieve a certain hairstyle like a wash and go your hair must be fully deep condition prior product application. Unless the product will not work well on your hair strands.


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  • Lanesha

    I have natural hair and always looking for new products I can used that works for me. I will have to look this up and try it out!! Great post!

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