How To Stay Warm This Coming Winter

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Winter is coming. And a lot quicker than we could have anticipated considering what a hot summer we were blessed with. But as they say, time flies by when you’re having fun, and we definitely let loose and had a blast. Now it’s getting colder though, and for a lot of people, that means retreating indoors and keeping themselves locked up in hibernation mode. While this is a normal instinct when it’s pretty unpleasant outside, it doesn’t mean that it’s your only solution. You see, just because winter is around the corner doesn’t mean that everything else stops, so rather than trying to run from it – embrace it. It’ll be so much more fun that way. It’s all about making yourself comfortable so that your mind has other things to focus on rather than how cold you are.

So here’s how to stay warm this coming winter.

Wrap up

Stating the most obvious, but it all really comes down to the clothes that you’re wearing. It’s worth investing in some versatile jackets for adventurers so that you aren’t having to be constantly reminded that it’s cold. These will not only do the job by keeping you insulated, but they are super fashionable too so you stay warm and look oh so good while doing it. Then just throw this over your jumper and jeans, pair it up with some warm boots – preferably ones that have fur on the inside for that extra heat and comfort, and then you’re good to go.

Cuddle more

Let’s face it, cuddles are always a wonderful thing to be a part of, but now the temperature is dropping, you’re going to want to do it a lot more for merely selfish reasons. Who you choose to cuddle with is entirely up to you. It could be your other half or your best friend, or you may even opt for your furry companion instead, as not only are they adorable in general, but they are a great source of heat no matter what time of year it is. Plus they’ll never pass down an opportunity to go on an adventure, even if it does mean going outside in the cold.

Mini hot water bottles

Hot water bottles are a godsend because they do the job, are quick to prep, and last for a good few hours. Depending on where you plan on going through, the size may be a bit of an issue, but fortunately there is such a thing as mini hot water bottles that essentially work exactly the same way, only they’re a lot smaller and more compact, making it a lot easier for you to bring them with you wherever you go, while also looking discreet so people won’t even be able to notice something down your top…

Now you have a few ideas of how to combat the cold and embrace the coming winter time, there’s no reason you should hide away from something so natural and pure as mother nature.


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