How to Represent your Brand Effectively

How do you represent your brand? Without the right tools, this can become almost impossible. To raise brand awareness and to attract clients there will always be some necessary requirements to make your business, and or the brand name stands out. If you are not artistic and unable create your own logo, check out Logojoy.

At Logojoy you can create your own logo just by following 9 simple steps. Not only that you can also create business cards, social media kits and much more.

How can I raise brand awareness?

As a blogger, something that I will need to brand my blog includes:

  • A Logo
  • Media kit – sponsorship opportunities
  • Marketing Plan – Social Media Network
  • Business cards (optional)
Logos, Brand

Different Styles of Logos


A logo is generally used to identify one’s product and/or services. It is used to promote the business or brand due to gain public recognition. Every business, blog etc. should have a logo that will help to identify their brand quickly.

The four logo above represents my blog and summarizes what each category is about. By the help of Logojoy I was able to create my logo using their automated technological services.

Media Kit

For pr relation and sponsorship opportunities, a media kit is often used to tell what the business is about, contact details, blog statistics, demographics. Media Kit is presented to potential brands and advertisers that you want to work with. This media kit for bloggers often highlights collaboration that the blogger has done prior, types of services offered and prices.

Marketing Plan

Every business should have a marketing plan. The marketing plan helps you to focus on your goal both short-term and long-term goals. It works as a guide that shows what you need to put your brand out there. How to drive traffic and what to improve on a day-to-day basis. This also shows what will work for your business, so that you can easily identify what is not working and create a fix.

Business cards

Have you ever met someone on the street and immediately you just want to tell them what your business is about? By using a business card it helps the customer to get a hold of your product/service.

By building brand awareness it is one of the best methods to promote your business. These are just a few self-promotion methods also you can use other advertising options.

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