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    3 Ways to Start Your Own Business from Home

    An aspiring entrepreneur’s biggest dream is to one day start their own company and be their own boss.

    Whether you’re looking to freelance, how to start a consulting business or are starting a full-blown business, you have the luxury of making your own schedule and controlling everything you do. This freedom doesn’t mean that the work is easy or that building your own company isn’t scary. While the process can be daunting, it can be easier than you think to start your own business, and you can do a lot of the steps all from the comfort of your house.

    start business home

    While the start-up process differs slightly depending on what you want to do, there are a few universal steps that you can do from home to help you start your own business. It’s completely possible to start a successful business from your home.

    Do these three things to set the foundation for your business.  Read more

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    How to Represent your Brand Effectively

    How do you represent your brand? Without the right tools, this can become almost impossible. To raise brand awareness and to attract clients there will always be some necessary requirements to make your business, and or the brand name stands out. If you are not artistic and unable create your own logo, check out Logojoy.

    At Logojoy you can create your own logo just by following 9 simple steps. Not only that you can also create business cards, social media kits and much more. Read more

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    Your First Year in Business

    It’s not for everyone, but if you’re the right kind of person, starting your own business can be one of the most liberating, exciting experiences of your life. It frees you from having to work for anyone else, and, ideally, means you can pursue your ambitions as far you like without being limited by the structure and hierarchy of another organization.
    It can also be extremely challenging: while you don’t have to report to anyone, no one else is responsible for your success or failure. This sort of pressure can weigh heavily on you: risk of running a business is not just financial but to your relationships and peace of mind.
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    Help is at hand here with our guide to your first year in the world of business: making a good start will put you in a better position into your second and third years and beyond.


    It can take some time before your business becomes profitable: for a while, you may be paying it before it starts paying you.
    It’s wise to make sure you have some savings to cushion you in this initial period of set up before you’ve established a customer base or the key, high spending clients you need to pay the bills. Most advice indicates a year’s worth of savings will be sufficient but think carefully about your own situation before making a decision.


    You’re likely going to need some extra space. Whether you’re starting a small retail business from your bedroom or a big salon in the middle of a town, you’ll have products and inventory you need to keep safe.
    While it’s possible you have the space in your home or premises, it’s also worth looking into somewhere off-site to keep your extra materials. If you’re looking for a storage facility London has many to offer to suit your needs, and don’t forget to compare quotes to ensure you’re getting the best price.

    Working Smart

    If you’re working from home it can be difficult to draw the line between work and relaxation. Pushing yourself to burnout because you can’t stop working isn’t a healthy way to run a business for a year or longer.
    Make sure you set a routine for yourself to ensure you stop when you need to, and relax. This will give you the resilience you need to keep your business running successfully for as long as you want it
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    How you can make Money with an Online Business

    There are jobs all over the place. From fast food restaurants to a desk in a high rise, there are always people looking to hire those looking, but that doesn’t mean that we need to jump on any job that we see. As this world gets more and more internet based, it is a smart decision to learn more about online businesses. Not only will you be able to have a job and make money, but you get the chance to spend more time with friends and family and even make your own hours, as well. Are you wondering how you can start making money online?! Here is a list that can get you started:

    Online Jobs Online Business

    Create a Blog

    The first step (for me, at least) is to create a blog. This is obviously what I am most skilled at and knowledgeable about because it’s what I already do! I know that a lot of people do not think that blogging is a job and that can be true, but a lot of people not only turn it into a job but a career. There are many, many, many ways that you can turn blogging into a money-making business:
    • Ads
    Ads are a great passive way to make income. If you create any website, you can put ads on them. Most of the time you do not make a lot, but it is something – the more extra pocket change, the better!
    • Sponsored Posts
    This is where you get into the ‘real money’ of blogging. Creating sponsored posts typically start around $50 per post when you are a new or smaller blogger and go up from there. Some bloggers make over $1,000 per sponsored post!
    • Brand Ambassador
    Being a brand ambassador is a great way to make money, get products that you love, and get your content shared! Typically, the brand pays for a sponsored post then also gives the blogger free merchandise to rep during the year.
    • Affiliate Links
    Once again, this is a relatively passive way to make extra pocket change. While you have to insert affiliate links throughout your blog and posts, once they are there, they stay!


    Freelance work is where you should be aiming for. You get to write from home, or whenever you choose and you do it on your own time (other than having deadlines). Freelance payments vary, but you typically have a long-standing relationship with your clients, which is what you are aiming for to create a steady income for yourself!

    Sell what you’re good at

    I know you have seen people selling things all around Facebook, but I am not talking about Rodan and Fields, or YoungLiving. I’m talking about selling yourself (for lack of better terms). If you are able to give a service, market it! Are you great at organizing? Become a virtual assistant. Are you good at writing? Market yourself to write for magazines, websites, and blogs. Of course, for a fee. Are you a social media guru? Give lessons to your fellow bloggers and business owners! Do you make unique invitations or products? Sell them on Etsy! Whatever you are good at, market it!

    working at home, online jobs, money

    Use Social Media To Your Advantage

    Social media is exploding with users now and brands realize this. I guess this could go along with ‘brand ambassador’ like I wrote above, but brands are always looking for people to promote their products! If you have a big enough social media following, you can make a living from sharing your favorite products with your followers!

    I bet you are interested in the online business world now, huh, but do you know how to start your online business? Here are the steps:

    • Figure out what you are good at
    You will never have a successful business if you are not good at what you do. You not only have to be good, but you have to truly enjoy doing it! Once you figure that out, move on to the next step!
    • Create a website

    Creating a website is easy – there are many tutorials online! Check them out and see what you can do, or you can hire someone to do it for you.

    Matt Anton SEO, Online business
    • Market yourself!

    This is THE most important part about a business, so make sure you know what you are doing. If you have no idea where to start with SEO, then you need to hire someone and I highly recommend an online SEO NJ company – NJ SEO! Being the number one marketing agency is impressive, but their hundreds of clients happily served, including over 100 endorsements on LinkedIn and many other reviews and recommendations on their website and Google. NJ SEO is a full-service marketing agency – they offer social media marketing, SEO, advanced web analytics, email marketing, PPC, and even content strategy. “Our team specializes in on-page and off-page SEO as well as PPC. We have a proven track record in increasing search engine rankings for our clients..” If you are interested in starting your own business, marketing is a must and NJ SEO is there to help you!

    Don’t know where to start? No worries! Just do some research and talk to the professionals. Matt Anton is a prime example of what a little motivation and research can do! Originally a “lost millennial” (according to wealthy gorilla), once Dan, Matt’s brother came to him with an idea of creating a social network for gamers, Matt began to flourish. He researched for 10-14 hours non-stop to find and learn techniques that would work for their social networking website. A little hard work went a long way for Matt because he then became the online marketing manager of Liberty Travel and now is in charge of client strategy and execution, optimizing for specific industries, business goals and budget at NJ SEO.

    No matter where you start with your online business, you’ve got this!

    How you can make Money with an Online Business