Radiant Refresh – What’s in your Purse?

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What’s in your purse? This is a question that I have heard quite a lot. As a female, it is essential to walk around with a purse whether big, medium or small. You will never know when a mishap might happen. Read along to find out some items that you might find in my purse on a day-to-day basis.

What’s in my purse?

Beauty items for touch-ups during the day

inglot msakeup, nyx cosmetics, juvias place, mac cosmetics, la girl cosmetics

Pressed powder – for touch-ups or any mistake along the way. I like to

Brush – brush for blending and applying powder to face

Lipstick – any lipstick colour for the day that I leave my house wearing; perfect for touch-ups after meals.

Setting spray – with this hot climate one thing you want to prevent is your makeup sweating off. A good setting spray will prevent your makeup from running off.

Lotion – to avoid dry chalky skin problems or just to cream the hands after washing hands in the restroom. Lotions are great moisturizers.

Sanitary items: you wanna feel clean at all times

Tampax Radiant Refresh, Tampax Tampon

Tampons – whether it’s my time of the month or not I’m always stocked up walking around with tampons. Mother Nature will do its work any time. The Tampax Pocket Radiant has a reusable packaging which makes it easier to store the outer covering of the tampon for proper disposal. While the push-up stick could have been a bit longer for proper insertion, the pocket radiant is a small enough to hold into a coin purse, clutch or even your pocket. It is a very convenient, concealable product with a pretty packaging. Be sure to pick up a pack at Walmart.

Hand sanitizer – perfect for keeping the hands clean and free from bacteria

Entertainment cancels out boredom

Amazon Kindle eReader, Apple iPod Touch, Power bank

Ereader – do you ever have to stand in those long lines or take a bus ride, plane trip maybe? Then this is where an ereader comes in handy. You will lose time on your journey before you know it enjoying a good read from your favorite author or an upcoming author.

iPod Touch – works perfectly for music on the go, great for keeping track of schedule and play a game or two just to keep me occupied.

Dental Hygiene – keeps those teeth clean

I currently wear braces, therefore, there are some necessities that I carry around on a daily basis to clean between my brackets and teeth clean while leaving my mouth feeling fresh.

braces, dental assistant, toothbrush, floss threader, elastics, proxabrush

Dental floss – after a meal flossing is useful to get the leftovers from in between the teeth

Floss threader – it can be hard to get the floss alone over dental wires to floss teeth; this is where the floss threader comes in handy. It helps to pull the dental floss through dental wires to get a clean floss.

Orthodontic rubber bands – when fixing your bite the orthodontist will instruct you on how to places elastics on your brackets, therefore, this is a must have to be in your purse daily.

Travel size toothbrush – you might want to brush on the go just to freshen the breath

Mouthwash – a little rinse after meals never hurt, fresh breath!!!

Toothpaste – goes along with the toothbrush to keep those teeth clean

Retainer carrying case – not everything can be done while wearing a retainer; you might take it out for eating or brushing the teeth.To prevent losing my retainer I keep it in a carrying case where it is secured for later usage.

Personal items

Key – if you search my purse you will always find my keys. I can’t leave the house without them or I will be locked out.

Money – you will never know when you might need to purchase something maybe a lil sweet treat or groceries. If you’re an impulse shopper then you know not to leave the house forgetting your money.


Powerbank – worse thing to be caught with while on the go is a dead phone battery. I always carry a rechargeable portable power bank with me wherever I go.

A Pen and notepad – just in case I want to jot down a little note.

Hey! You’ve heard about what’s in my purse, now tell me a little bit about what’s inside of yours. The essential things that you just can’t leave the house without.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tampax Radiant at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

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