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    Ceramic Straightening Luma Hair Brush Review

    Luma Hair Brush

    Luma Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

    The Luma Hair Straightening Brush is a fast and easy tool that can be used to brush and straighten the hair. The Luma Brush has protective bristles that will prevent your scalp from being burnt by heat. The Straightening Brush should only be used on dry brushed hair. For best result part hair in small sections and work the Luma Hair Brush through.
    The Luma Hair Brush has a Unique 3D Ceramic Surface that allows the bristles to heat up to 185c/ 365 f and stays constant for the duration of use. When using the Luma hair brush you do not have to worry that the brush might get cold or too hot during use as the heat stays constant.

    Luma Hair Straightening Brush

    How to Use

    Plug the Luma Hair Brush into an electric socket and wait for a red display light to appear. The red display light will turn green which indicates that the Luma Brush is hot and ready to be used. For best results ensure that your hair is dry, in sections and already brush to get rid of tangles before applying the Luma Brush to hair.

    Proceed to brush the hair slowly by using the Luma Brush from roots to ends in a pulling motion. Use the Luma Brush by pulling the hair deep into the inner bristle areas of the Luma Brush for an even straighter hair pattern.

    Luma Hair Straightener

    My Thoughts

    The Luma Hair Brush is convenient and easy to use. After a wash day, I gentle dry and brush my hair. I then put it in 4 sections preferably and proceed to brush and straighten my hair with the Luma Brush. I have thick coarse hair and with the Luma Brush my hair does not get bone straight but it is a lot easier to manage as my curls do not clump tightly after using. 

    Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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    Selfie Beauty Tips



    The selfie has completely taken over the world. There are probably few people on the planet, and certainly in the West, who don’t know what a selfie is and most of them will have taken at least one.

    Let’s face it, we all like to show off our style by uploading a selfie or two to our social media accounts. I mean, it’s so gratifying when someone likes your picture or compliments you on your look that it can be quite addictive for some. Many selfie kings and queens even spend hours of time and lots of cash ensuring that they’re picture perfect in every selfie they take. Although I wouldn’t necessarily suggest going that far, there are lots of things that you can do to ensure that you look great in each and every selfie you take. Check them out…

    Look After Your Teeth

    If we’re not pouting, then we’re smiling in our selfies, which is why taking good care of our teeth has to be a priority if we want to look great in every snap we take. Luckily, this is pretty easy, and as long as you cover the basics like brushing and flossing twice daily, you should be good to go. Of course, if you aren’t happy with your teeth, teeth whitening and straightening are additional options you might want to explore.

    Celebrity Skin

    You aren’t exactly going to look ah-mazing in your selfies if your skin is dull and flaky, which is why you’ll want to take extra care of your skin. As a minimum, you should be buffing your face with a good exfoliator at least twice a week (or as directed) and cleansing, toning, and moisturizing daily. Throw in a weekly face mask, and you’ll have beautiful, glowing skin 24/7 – no more getting caught out by the camera for you. NDA 100% Pure Essential Oil will hydrate the dullness and driest skin stay flawless as you can.

    red lips

    Apply a Lip Plumper

    If selfies are all about the perfect pout for you, there’s no need to go for lip injections, which have turned many a pretty smile into an ugly trout pout. All you need to do is ensure you apply a good lip plumper before you point that camera at your face.

    Do Your Eye Makeup First

    Makeup is essential if you want to create a flawless selfie, but you need to apply that makeup flawlessly for it to pay off with a killer photo, and that’s why you should always apply your eye makeup before your foundation. By doing this, you’ll avoid making a mess of your foundation, and you’ll look flawlessly fresh.

    Line Inner Rim of Eyes

    Adding a liner to the inner rip of your upper eyelid is a great way to make your eyelashes look thicker and define your eyes so that they really pop when you take a picture.


    Image source: Flickr

    Lashings of Mascara

    When it comes to selfies and the eyes, more mascara is more. If you use only a small amount of mascara, it won’t exactly show up well on camera, and your eyes won’t look quite so open in the shot. So, add two, three or even four layers of mascara before you take that selfie, or if you like, apply false lashes to give you more volume and make your eyes really stand out on camera.

    (Maybe) Go Full Coverage

    In selfies, it really matters that your skin looks flawless and the best way to achieve this is with a full coverage foundation that matches your natural skin tone as closely as possible. If, however, you want to look natural and you have a freckly complexion, going for a sheer foundation that also offers coverage, like the Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Treatment Foundation, will ensure that you still look like your authentic self. When you’re applying foundation, don’t forget to cover your ears, so that they match your face and look just as flawless. It can look weird when your ears are a completely different shade to the rest of you!


    Contouring is in vogue right now, but it isn’t just a fad, it really does make your face look better in photos, and actually in real. Life too. The key to good contouring is to use a good blush brush to apply a matte blush or bronzer to those areas of the face that are most angular, like the jaw and forehead.

    Eye brows, Instagram brows

    Embolden Your Brows

    If you want to look younger and prettier in your selfies, you don’t need to book a face-lift or anything like that; you just need to work on your eyebrows. Eyebrows that are fuller and bolder will structure your face for a more youthful, attractive look. This is something you can easily do with a good brow pencil or mascara if your brows are a bit thin naturally.

    Moisturize The Lips

    Again, the mouth area is very important in selfies, which is why you need to pay attention not only to your teeth but also to your lips. If you want your lips to look fuller and younger, make sure you use a high-quality lip balm to moisturize them daily and apply a little gloss before you take a picture, so that they look moist, young and very luscious.

    Use a Boar Hair Brush

    There’s nothing worse than taking what would otherwise be the perfect selfie only to find that your hair looks frizzy on camera. You can minimize the chances of this happening by lightly brushing your hair with a boar hair brush, which minimizes frizz, before taking your picture. It’ll make your hair look shinier and healthier on camera too.


    Bonus: When to Take a Selfie

    Okay, so this isn’t a beauty tip. But taking the perfect selfie is about more than your makeup and beauty regime. You might be interested to know that, if you’re outdoors, it’s best to take your picture at dawn or dusk, avoiding midday completely if you can. This is because the light is better at these times than it is between the hours of noon and 4 pm when the light is right above you and shadows will be cast on your face, making you look less than the perfect beauty you are.

    Are you a selfie queen What are your top tips for always being selfie-ready and taking perfect shots?

    Selfie Beauty Tips
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    Urban Decay Naked 2 Review

    When we hear the word naked, the first thing that comes to mind does not involve makeup. Well, I would like to take the time and talk about my experience of this product by Urban Decay that I have found interest in testing and reviewing. It has been around the market for awhile now but it’s too good not to talk about. This palette is a follow up of the bestselling Naked palette, so not only do they have Naked 2 palette on the market, a variety of Naked palettes can be found and occasionally the Naked Vault is offered as a limited edition. In the Naked Vault, you can find all the series of the Naked palettes, including the Naked Smoky Palette. With that much Urban Decay Naked Palette around it can be difficult to choose which one to purchase and you might end up getting all.

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    Urban Decay Naked 2

    Read more

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    Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette Review and Swatches

    Urban Decay Electric Palette

    Urban Decay Electric Palette

    If you are into bold and lively colors then you should definitely get yourself the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette by Urban Decay. This pressed pigment palette from Urban Decay consist of 10 colors as well as a double ended electric eyeshadow precision brush.

    The shadows are soft, creamy, long-wearing, blendable and highly pigmented. Read more

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    Make Up by One Direction Review + Swatches

    One Direction Makeup

    Harry, Zayn and Liam

    Makeup by One Direction

    Calling All Directioners!!! One Direction has once again released a new limited makeup tin collection. This line was officially launched on the 15th of November. These new sets are available at: Read more

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    Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Rockin Curves Mascara

    Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curves Mascara

    Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara

    I was amazed by the size of this Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Rockin Curves mascara tube, the tube is huge, unlike the regular size slim mascaras. This mascara tube is about the size of a marker/highlighter. The mascara wand is of a broken heart shaped brush, not like anything I have seen or used before. Read more

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    Coastal Scents 22-Piece Brush Set Review

    coastal scents makeup brush
    Coastal Scents 22-Piece Brush Set
    I was drawn to this 22-piece brush set from Coastal Scents by the ample amount of eye brushes included in the set. Even though I was having second thoughts about buying this brush set, it turns out that I eventually bought it and yes, I’m loving it.
    Brush roll closed dimension 7″(L) x 9.5″(W)
    Looks like a clutch when closed
    The Coastal Scents 22-piece brush set is a complete set of makeup brushes. The brushes cater to different needs from applying foundation to powder and eyeshadows. The brushes are super soft and of good quality.
    Brush Roll open dimension 24.5″(L) x 9.5″(W) x 0.50″ (H)
    The brush roll is of a matte black faux leather material with the Coastal Scents logo imprinted in the middle of the closing flap. The flap folds up three times and has two magnetic snap buttons to keep it close. When you open the first flap you will notice a little zipper pocket that can be used to store small items. Upon unfolding the flaps one can notice a nylon type of material that separates, holds, protects and cover each brush.
    Brush Roll Nylon Material

    Brush Set Features

    • 22 professional cosmetic brushes
    • stylish faux leather brush case
    • synthetic and natural bristles
    • black handle and black ferrule


    Photo Credit:

    Coastal Scents 22-piece brush set


    The 22-piece brush set is a combination of synthetic, nylon, natural brushes such as goat and pony hair. Out of the 22 brushes, it contains 8 face brushes, 9 eye brushes, 4 brow brushes that can also be used to apply eyeliners and 1 lip brush.

    Coastal Scent Makeup Brush names, types and uses

    1. Fan Brush – made with synthetic hair 
    This brush is used for sweeping/dusting loose eyeshadow that fell out while applying, it can be also used to apply a light application of blush and bronzer. This brush does come in handy sometimes but it’s not often used like the foundation brush.
    2. Powder Brush – made with synthetic hair
    It’s very soft and tends to give light coverage of powder but this is not something that I would use to regularly to apply powder to my face. I would prefer to use a fluffier powder brush to apply powder and use this brush to blend foundation all over my face.
    3. Flat Buffer Brush – synthetic hair
    This brush is great for blending out an application of foundation.
    4. Angle Blush Brush – natural brush made of goat hair
    This brush is super soft and its use to apply blush to the face.
    5. Round Powder Brush – Synthetic
    This brush looks similar to a dual fiber brush, it has white brushes which can be difficult to clean but with a little olive oil and baby shampoo that will do the trick.
    6. Foundation Brush – Fiber Hair
    This is used to apply foundation but you might want to use the flat buffer brush also to get a perfect blend.
    7. Large Shadow – Pony hair
    This can be used to apply eye shadows, great for people with full eyes like myself.
    8. Concealer Brush – Nylon Hair
    Great for applying your favorite concealer
    9. Dome Shadow Brush – Pony Hair
    This is a stiff dome brush that can be used to create a smoky eye. It can also be used to apply eyeshadow at the outer V of the eyes and soft sweeping. It is perfect for smudging and blending into the lash line.
    10. Doe Foot Blender – Pony Hair
    This is a fuller angled brush that can be used for blending, shading and contouring. It allows you to apply an even application from lash line to brow bone. It can also be used for mineral concealer around the eye and highlighting the brow.
    11. Dome Blender – Pony Hair
    Use to apply eyeshadow on the crease and V of the eyes or blend eyeliner.
    12. Blender – Pony Hair
    For blending eyeshadow
    13. Pointed Blender – Pony Hair
    For blending eyeshadow
    14. Brow – Pony Hair
    For applying highlight or eyeshadow to the brow bone
    15. Medium Shadow – Pony Hair
    Use to apply shadow to the center of the eyelids.
    16. Detail Concealer – Fiber Hair
    For applying concealer to small spots
    17. Detail Shadow – Pony Hair
    Highlighting inner corner of eye (tear duct)
    18. Lip Brush – Pony Hair
    Used to apply lipsticks to the lips
    19. Large Liner/brow – Nylon Hair
    This is a soft bristle brush that can be used to apply eyeshadows on the eyelids and great for drawing cat eyes or creating the flick.
    20. Medium Liner/brow – Nylon Hair
    Use for gel eyeliner, highlighting brows
    21. Small Liner/brow – Nylon Hair
    Creating the flick or cat eyes
    22. Smudge Sponge – made from rubber
    For softening gel liner or smudging eyeshadow for that smoky look

    I’m so glad I bought these brushes, it is everything that I’m looking for in a brush set. The quality is amazing and the price is reasonable. I haven’t experienced much shedding with the brushes, the only brush that was shedding is the fan brush. The only downfall with this brush is identifying them since they are not labeled on the brush handles.

    Would you buy these brushes? Do you already own them? What was your experience like using these brushes?

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    Nanshy Foundation Face Brushes Review

    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    I found these Nanshy face brush after doing a thorough research on the internet and by reading reviews etc. I was just looking for a face brush that can do the job. After reading reviews I thought to myself maybe I should go ahead and by the 5 set foundation face brush that consist of a: 
    1.     Angled Buffer Brush
    2.     Flat Angled Buffer Brush
    3.     Pointed Brush
    4.     Flat Top Buffer Brush 
    5.     and a Round Buffer Brush. 
    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    Nanshy Foundation Face Brush
    The brushes can be used for application of any product to the face whether liquid, mineral or cream foundation, bronzers, blush etc. My favorite out of all 5 brushes is the Flat Top Buffer Brush, it makes my regular foundation routine looks flawless. I often use the brush in a stippling motion and then buff in to even my skin tone. I bought the set of 5 brushes on Amazon and they were poorly packaged in a ziplock bag. The Nanshy brush looks similar to the Sigma brush, but the Sigma is about 10-20% more pricey.


    • thick pearly white handles
    • easy to use
    • soft and dense bristles
    • easy to clean
    • creates a flawless finish
    • buffs and blends well
    • 100% cruelty-free


    • bristles falling out (shedding)
    • poor packaging
    • brushes are hard to identify since they are not labeled with their individual names
    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    Nanshy Angled Buffer Brush

    The Nanshy Angled Buffer Brush is perfect for contouring and creating a narrower face effect such as applying bronzer and blush to cheekbones.

    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    Nanshy Flat Angled Buffer Brush
    The Nanshy Flat Angled Buffer Brush reaches the areas especially around the nose very well with the angle flat top. It applies and blends the foundation perfectly.
    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    Nanshy Pointed Brush

    The Nanshy Pointed Brush is unique with a soft round tip that can be used to apply or blend in concealer.

    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    Nanshy Flat Top Buffer Brush

    The Nanshy Flat Top Buffer Brush is perfect for getting that flawless matte finish. I mostly use this to apply my foundation and when I do, I use it in a stippling motion to even out my skin tone and get a full coverage.

    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    Nanshy Round Buffer Brush

    The Nanshy Round Buffer Brush is of a dome shape with soft synthetic bristles that can be used to apply, buff and blend foundation.

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    Makeup Storage Ideas

    Do you have a growing collection of makeup, whether brushes, tools etc., but still figuring out where to store them rather than having an unorganized jumbled drawer of products which makes it difficult to find the specific item in your collection? Let’s be honest, it’s not neat or does look tidy either. There are cheap, cute and simple ideas of makeup storage that can turn that mess into a more organized collection.

    e.l.f Large Brush Holder

    e.l.f Small and Large Brush Holder

    Brush Holder

    This sleek and stylish makeup compartment can hold brushes, makeup pencils, tools and much more. With the professional storage dividers, it will keep everything organized for quick use. It can be stored on countertops or in cabinets and the luxurious material is durable and easy to clean. It is also available in two sizes. Sold by e.l.f. Tools. All Makeup Tools, Pads, mirrors Just $1!

    Acrylic Lipstick Holder

    Acrylic Lipstick Holder

    Lipstick Holder

    The lipstick holder comes in various sizes, it can hold 12, 24, 48 or more lipsticks and it’s made out of clear acrylic which is durable. With this, it’s easy to say bye to an unorganized pile of lipstick.  The slightly elevated design makes organizing by shade and brand easy and not to mention how quickly you will find the lipstick color you want with the clear acrylic and cohesive display. This can be found on eBay and Amazon at an affordable price.

    12 drawer parts bin

    12 drawer parts bin: 10.5″ wide x 6.5″ deep x 9″ high

    Parts Bin

    With the parts bin one can organize and store makeup as desired. The Parts bin is wall mountable which comes with 12 or 30 drawers. The bins are 5-1/4 inches deep and come in two sizes: 2 x 1- 1/2 inches and 4 – 3/8 x 2 – 1/8 inches. These bins come in various sizes.

    30 drawer bin parts

    30 drawer bin parts: 20″ wide x 6.5″ deep x 10″ high

    Product Features:

    • Bring order to garage items, sewing room or storage closet 
    • Holds and organizes everything from screws and hangers to crafts and jewelry to beauty items.
    • Finish in hot pink for head turning style
    • Clear plastic bins, which make it easy to see inside