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How to Clean Window Shutters

Home improvements are more than just renovating. It has to do with preparing the surrounding for new decorations and the redesigning process. Window shutters help to protect and secure your windows. It also adds beauty and elegance to your home which makes it more comfortable and relaxing. If not properly maintained the window shutters can spoil the beauty and aesthetics of your home. Here I will share with you some tips on cleaning your exterior and interior window shutters whether they are of intricate designs or various materials.

Window shutters come in different types of materials. Namely plastic, vinyl, aluminum and wood. Before cleaning your shutters you might want to identify the type of materials they are made of. Since they all require a different approach when it comes to maintenance and keeping them clean. To keep the shutters up to standards it is best to know exactly what material of combination of materials they are made from.

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Materials used to create window shutters and how to clean

Plastic shutters are affordable and easier to maintain. A simple wipe with a damp cloth or sponge dipped in water and detergent can get rid of dust and debris. Easily dry with a dry cloth or allow it to air dry. These are not often durable therefore they serve best as internal shutters.

Vinyl shutters are convenient and the easiest to clean and maintained. Wash with warm water and liquid detergents to get rid of dirt and stains. A power hose can also be used to clean exterior vinyl shutters but it must be wiped dry to prevent water marks residue from accumulating on the shutters.

Dust wood shutters and/or use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of excess dust. Polish them with furniture polish to add shine and get rid of stains and scuff. Do not use water to clean wood shutters as the moisture will ruin the shutters and cause warping. Never install wooden shutters in wet or damp areas as this will shorten the life of it. The cleaning process is fairly easy. A dusting cloth, microfiber towel or Swiffer duster will have your wood shutters clean and look brand new.

Aluminum window shutters are durable, resilient and easy to maintain. They can be easily dust and works perfectly for external areas. To clean it thoroughly remove hinges and wipe it down with a mixture of what and detergent. This will remove any stains and dirt accumulated over a certain time period. Grease the hinges before fitting back shutters for easy opening and closing.

Tips for Keeping Your Window Shutters Clean

  1. Dust window shutters regularly. Use a microfiber cloth, feather or Swiffer duster to clean your blinds and window shutters.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner brush attachment to get rid of excess dust from shutters and hard to reach areas.
  3. Clean thin, narrow blinds areas with a sock inside of a ruler.
  4. Make use of a fabric dryer sheet to cut down on the amount of dust that gets attached to the window shutters.
  5. Slip your hand in a sock and use it to wipe down both side of slats at the same time for a faster and effective cleaning method.
  6. Use a dust remover spray to eliminate dust from window shutters.
  7. Fetch a pail of water and add disinfectant to it and wipe down the shutters with a sponge or clean cloth until they are clean.
  8. Catch falling clumps of dust by laying newspaper on the floor, under the shutters for faster cleaning up.
  9. Use a toothbrush to remove stubborn dust from hard to reach areas.
  10. Consider hiring a handyman to clean the shutters if you can’t do it yourself or failed at the first attempt.
  11. Furniture polish will add a dash of fragrance and shine to your shutters. Make use of this on wood shutters.
  12. Use a paintbrush to sweep the dust from corners and crevasses.
  13. Power wash or use a garden hose upright to spray dirt off shutters.
  14. A compressed air can get rid of unwanted loose dust.

Maintaining and cleaning window shutters is an easy job. All you need to know is the basic rule of cleaning the different materials and identifying the materials that you have installed in your home, office etc. When you are finished with this task eventually it will give you an awe ‘feels like life is an episode’ kind of feeling.


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