How do I Prevent my Hair Edges from Breaking off?

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It is important not to put excessive stress on our hair edges while styling the hair. The edge of the hair is fragile and it is the most sensitive, even the tools that you use can pull out the hair. Non-fatty alcohol filled products can dry out hair so avoid using. Hair edges must be moisturized at all times. Use natural oils to treat slow growth to edges by massaging oils on your edges several times a week. Recommended oils are:

1. Castor Oil

  • Stimulates hair growth with regular use.
  • Use 2-3 times per week

2. Lavender Oil

Dilute this oil with a carrier oil or Vitamin E oil for growth stimulation

3. Vitamin E Oil or other sources of E oil can contribute to healthy hair growth.

To Prevent Hair Edges from Breaking Off

  • avoid sleeping on cotton pillows, satin or silk is better
  • avoid high heat: pressing comb, flat iron etc.
  • avoid wearing your braids and weaves that are too tight
  • keep your natural hair clean and well conditioned
  • try hair growth remedies such as vitamins, serums and oils
  • try manipulating your hair less and wear more protective styles such as wigs, closures, full sew-ins, braids.

Try these hair edges saving tips to take care of your hair edges.


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