Perfect Pearly Whites: Treatments For Better Teeth!

A beautiful smile will make you look attractive and feel confident- but we weren’t all blessed with stunning pearly whites. However, dentists, these days are fantastic, and whatever issue you have it can be put right with the correct treatments. Here are some of the ways you can improve your smile!

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Crooked Teeth

Do your crooked teeth make you feel insecure? Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of straight teeth and looked at those with rows of straight white gnashers with envy. There’s no need to put up with them, while some crookedness will be more complex there are ways any case can be put right. In extreme cases, you may need teeth removing to alleviate overcrowding, and then a fixed brace putting on for a number of years. With more moderate cases, you can get things like Invisalign clear retainers which are a series of trays that slowly align your teeth into the correct position. In mild cases, filing down the teeth and having veneers fitted is a good way to fix crookedness. Crookedness can also occur due to tooth loss when a tooth is missing the rest can shift and become crooked and loose. If you do lose a tooth, an implant looks natural and is a long-term fix. You can learn more about dental implants online if you’re looking for a solution for a lost tooth. Another option would be a bridge, which is secured to the tooth either side.


Yellow/ Discoloured Teeth

White teeth signify youth and beauty which is why bright teeth are so coveted. But as we age our smile can lose its sparkle. Since whitening is neither invasive nor painful, it’s an easy way to improve the look of your teeth, even if you’re not a big fan of the dentist. To maintain whiter teeth, limit things like tea, coffee, red wine and various other things in your diet which are known for staining. Other causes could be smoking, genetics or aging. This is because as we age the outer layer of enamel of our teeth wears away and reveals the dentin underneath, which is naturally a yellow colour. If your discoloration is caused by surface stains, a whitening toothpaste can help to bring the sparkle back. If they’re deeper or more seriously discolored, you will benefit from a more intense method. You have the choice between laser whitening or teeth whitening trays from the dentist. There are a number of over the counter whitening strips, gels and various other products available too; although these won’t be as effective as the ones from your dentist.

Gummy Smile

If any more than four millimeters of your gum shows when you smile, you will be perceived as having a ‘gummy smile.’ There are a couple of reasons why this could happen, and the fix depends on the cause. First of all; the muscle in your top lip could be ‘hyperactive’ meaning it pulls up your higher than normal when you smile. Another reason could be the way your mouth and teeth developed, or it could just be your genetics. Some people naturally have shorter teeth. Have a look at your family members- if they have the same issue this is likely to be the cause. One fix would be to have Botox injections in the lips; if you have a hyperactive muscle this will prevent it from pulling too high when you smile, it’s a relatively easy fix that’s not too expensive. Otherwise, you could have a have a gum contouring procedure done where the dentist can even out the gum line and lift it higher, in order to expose more of the tooth underneath. In severe cases, braces might be needed to pull the teeth upwards. Here screws can be drilled into the bones of the upper jaw, and the teeth anchored using rods which pull the teeth upwards.


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