Lies About Beauty You’ve Definitely Heard And Shouldn’t Believe

Let’s face it the world of beauty is full of lies. People lie about what they need to look beautiful, they lie about what the concept of beauty is, and they even lie about the impact that certain beauty products could have on your life. It’s all nonsense and if you don’t believe that let’s jump right in with one of the biggest lies of all.

beauty skin deep

Beauty Isn’t Skin Deep

We’re sure you’ve heard that at some point in your life. It’s supposed to be comforting, it’s supposed to be a wonderful thing to say and to feel, but it isn’t because beauty, by definition is based on aesthetic perception. You can argue that’s not the case but if you do you’re simply ignoring good grammar. Beauty is always based on the aesthetic of someone or something.

What we can say is that beauty is a matter of perspective. That does mean that in someone’s eyes anyone can be beautiful.

As well as this, perhaps it’s better to say that beauty IS skin deep. By saying this, you can actually completely separate who you are from how you look.

beauty shrink pores

You Can Shrink Your Pores

A little less philosophical this one. You’ll see various beauty products claim that by using the product you can shrink your pores. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Particularly if you are sadly blessed with pores that can be seen from space. Unfortunately, it’s absolute nonsense. You can’t shrink your pores, and we promise you no one on earth has figured out a way to magically make them smaller. They might look smaller, that’s a possibility, but they’re not actually shrinking.

At this point, you might say that you use a ridiculously expensive product and it really does shrink your pores! But unfortunately science doesn’t lie, and the size of your pores is based on genetics, not the type of cream that you choose to rub on your face each day.

body features

Only Certain Features Matter

Of course, sellers of beauty products would have you believe something else too. They would like you to believe that when it comes to beauty only certain features matter. The area around your eyes matters because you can buy cream to fix that or makeup to cover it up. Your lips definitely matter because you need that lipstick to ensure they look red, lush and rosy.

Eyelashes? Certainly! Longer eyelashes are beautiful and will make your eyes pop. While all this is true, that doesn’t mean that they are the only features that matter. It just means that they are the ones that beauty products can fix. Other features matter too such as the size and shape of features on your face. If you have a big nose, for instance, you might have heard the phrase that ‘it fits your face.’ But this is just evidence of the social contract. The size and shape of your features do impact your level of perceived beauty, at least as dictated by society.

The good news is that while beauty products may not be able to fix issues like this, surgery can. If you have ears that stick out, you can actually get them pinned back, and you can learn more at If you do have a large nose they days, you can even get it reduced.

That said, it is important to realize that ultimately it doesn’t matter how other people see your appearance. It’s all about what you can live with. Can you go through life happy and content with the way you look? If so then there is absolutely no need to change anything about yourself. However, if you can’t then you should look into options to change your appearance. Confidence is an important trait in this world and studies show that people with more confidence are more likely to succeed in everything that they do.

beauty perceptions

Perceptions Of Beauty Make Sense

You might think that beauty and the perception that we have of what is and isn’t beautiful makes sense, but that’s only because you’re not thinking about it enough. Why are balls of fat on one part of the body attractive while fat on another part isn’t? Why do we care so much about eyebrows? This one is quite interesting to explain. You might find yourself attracted to men or women with thicker eyebrows. Genetically, thicker eyebrows are a sign that someone is more fertile so if you find yourself attracted to someone with bushy brows, it’s actually due to your subconscious dormant evolutionary desire to find a mate and continue the species.

Although, if you want the best example of how weird beauty is, then look no further than the issue of symmetry. We’re attracted to symmetrical faces. Look at the stars of Hollywood, and you’ll see that they have very few differences from one side of the face to the other. Here’s where it gets really interesting. When you encounter someone with a fully symmetrical face, you’ll just think they look odd and not particularly attractive at all.

look important

The Way You Look Isn’t Important

It does actually, and the sad truth is that in life you are constantly judged by how you look and how beautiful you are perceived to be. Being beautiful can help you win a job interview, gain more social interactions and in general be treated better. This is particularly true for women. All women know they can be treated differently depending on whether or not they choose to wear makeup from one day to the next.

Acne Treatment Works Wonders!

Finally, let’s dissect this last lie about beauty? You might think that there are products in shops right now that work wonders for acne. Firstly, a few spots on your face is not acne. Acne is a medical condition that can be so severe it completely covers the face. You can learn more about the condition on Secondly, most beauty products won’t help acne and can actually make it worse. For true acne treatment, you need the support of a professional doctor, and even that can be touch and go.

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