Outrageous Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Your little angel’s big birthday is coming up, and there’s no doubt, they’ll expect some sort of celebration! And, rightly so! Birthday’s are special; it’s their day, and nothing will make them happier, than celebrating with all their closest friends. As the parent, you will most likely be taking on the task of planning the birthday party, and we have to admit, it’s not always an easy task. There’s a lot to think of; from themes to decor, special treats and of course exciting activities. It gets even more tricky when there are boys and girls, and you need to offer activities that appeal to both. If you’re honest, you’ve probably thrown the same birthday party every year, only switching up the theme, and (maybe) the decor, because it all just gets too complicated.

But, we are here to help! Instead of doing the same thing, year after year, why not switch it up, a bit? There are plenty of awesome birthday party ideas that you may not have thought of, which we can’t wait to show you!

We drew up a list of super unique birthday party ideas for your child and their friends. Some of our tips are quite over the top, but will definitely get you coined ‘mommy of the year’! Especially if your child is celebrating a special birthday, like their 13th, you want to be a little ‘OTT’ and throw an event that will be remembered for many years to come! But, if you want to keep things simple, we’ve got that covered, too!

Movie Under the Stars

Movies always keep kids entertained, and the experience is fun, especially when you add popcorn to the mix and special snacky treats. But, watching out in the garden, under the stars, with cozy blankets and yummy snacks, will take it to a whole new, exciting level. You could even make it into a sleepover evening, and set up tents outside, for the kids. It’s the kind of birthday party that won’t break the bank, is unique and different, and will keep the kids entertained for hours!



There are few activities, as exhilarating as paintball, and don’t be fooled; the games will be thoroughly enjoyed by boys and girls, alike. The game of paintball requires two opposing teams; to strategically work out a game plan, to take victory over their rivals. Running, hiding for cover, strategic thinking, teamwork and genius tactics, are the name of the game, in paintball, and that’s what makes the experience so thrilling. Paintball is not just for kids; the adults can take part too! Why not set up a battle between parents and kids, or girls vs. boys? 

safari adventure

Safari Adventure

Everyone has had a ‘zoo’ birthday party, and while it’s a fantastic idea; why not take it up a notch and go on a safari drive, where one can get up close and personal, with the likes of lions, rhino’s, wild dogs and more. Not only is it an extraordinary experience, but it’s also educational. You can find authentic safari experiences in South Africa, but, if you want to be extra adventurous, visit beautiful Botswana, or captivating Kenya! 

 Spa day for the girls birthday party

Spa Day, for the Girls

Girls love to be pampered, no matter how young. You could either visit a spa or have a beauty therapist come over to your home, to pamper your princess and her best friends. There’s no doubt they’ll thoroughly enjoy the special attention, and what girl doesn’t love looking pedicured and pretty?

Boat Trip for the Boys

A boat trip is a fantastic way to entertain a group of boisterous, mischievous boys. Not because they’ll have no place to run, but because they’ll be in awe over such a thrilling experience. Remember, boys love boats, cars, and airplanes, and this kind of activity will speak to their boyish interests. You could get creative with the theme, making them all wear pirate outfits, or dress as sailors!

 Art Birthday Party

Remember when your little tot used to express their creative efforts, all over the walls? Yep, kids love to get creative. So, why not organize an art party, with easels set up for each child, accompanied by paint palettes and painting utensils. Not only will they be kept entertained, but they’ll get the opportunity to express their creative side and have fun while doing it!

Kids are not overly fussy about parties; all they really want is something exciting to do, and yummy things to eat, so remember to keep things simple and keep those stress levels to a minimum! Make sure, that whatever you decide to do is age appropriate and is ultimately interesting. Kids can get bored very easily, and this is often how the trouble starts, so make sure the activities offer fun, thrill, adventure or all three!


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