Getting That Photo Worthy Flash In Your Smile

We all love to take care of our teeth so we can keep eating and drinking with no trouble, and be secure in our smiles. However, a lot of people don’t have that photo ready smile that a lot of the models on TV seem to have effortlessly. Yet, it’s the product of a huge amount of time and money spent on making teeth as white as possible; which a lot of us can’t afford either way. So here are a few tips on getting a flashy smile, with full teeth, as soon as possible.


The Basics

First of all; white and straight teeth are the only signs of healthy gums and teeth that a person can have. If your teeth are crooked, yellowed, or have some other kind of perceived defect, there’s usually nothing wrong with them.

If your gums are pink, that’s usually a sign they’re healthy, so keep them in good shape most of all. Be sure to floss, and brush them as well as your teeth during your routine.

Try Some Braces

Braces don’t have to look clunky or impact on your life when it comes to public speaking, taking a photo, or even just talking normally to other people you don’t know. When you use the services of Invisalign, you can be well on your way to better self-confidence and better looking teeth all at once.

If you need to convince yourself you’re getting braces for more than how you look; remember that there’s nothing wrong with doing it! But sometimes cosmetic dentistry does indeed have more benefits than we think. Having straighter teeth can also make your mouth feel more comfortable and stop the scraping of your tongue or cheeks when you eat.

Smiling in the Best Ways

There is nothing wrong with the way you smile, that needs to be said. But, if you’re worried about not being photogenic enough when you open your mouth, there are a few little hacks you can do for yourself to take better selfies and to have better candids of your floating around.

Try putting your tongue behind your teeth when it comes to making that camera worthy smile to keep it from being too wide for your face. It also stops it looking a little silly if you have a tendency for that pose.

Shining with your own confidence until you feel like you truly have it is the best way forward. Let yourself take bad selfies and keep them, look at them, and look at how they present you. You can change your angles, or smile smaller, or even wider! Natural smiles always look better than the ones you try to put on, so think of funny things right before you snap a pic.

Put on your favourite lipstick and stand up straight to get a lovely pose that you can feel comfortable smiling in. You don’t have to worry about how your mouth looks when there’s a good backdrop and a perfect head tilt involved.

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